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Originally posted by ASIDoNeR

Niggas these days dont know what good is.


listen fuck face, lets get a couple things straight.


1. you're not black, dont call me nigga.

2. you dont live in 'detroit rock city'! your a shook ass little suburban kid too scared to walk through the yard in the middle of the fucking day.

3. you dont know shit about detroit or the 'scene' so stop posting pictures of your wack little friends tags.

4. stop writing asid. tell your boys dare, neon and aztek its time for name changes as well.

5. go the fuck back to the your little yahoo board, and quit mis-representing detroit with your bullshit.

6. quit with your fucking attitude, herb.

7. you're not up. and by that i dont mean, that your not up alot, i mean, YOUR NOT UP ANYWHERE, AT ALL, NOT EVEN ONCE. you dont have a single tag running that has ever been spotted by anyone.

8. get off other writers dicks and work on your letters. of course no one has seen them, but ill bet my life that they're complete shit.

9. go back to being a raver and leave graffiti the fuck alone.

10. die!


there, i think that about sums it up.

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