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CHICAGO graff jams

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any1 in this forum from chicago? any 1 in the south side of chi by narragansett and 59th? some 1 plz fucking tell me when there will be a jam in chicago aight. i know this a waste of fucking thread but fuck it. peace

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FUCK U PPL i didnt give an exact location fool i said AROUND u stupid bitch.! stupid dipshits and how the fuck can u judge me when u NEVER EVEN Seen a flick of mine god dammit i need JEED to knock some shit into u faggots

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the scene in this city sucks, too many tag bangers. not enough people actually "painting to improve". seems as though chicago is full of "phase writers" where they start to write because it a cool thing to do then they just fade away, thats the majority of the northside "writers". Now the south side is another story, theres Raven SB who has been painting (and still is painting) for 20+ years, people who go along with him are, desie, zore, time, smerz, vanish, ozone, mr.e, statik, jinx... dedicated writers. so in the large skeme of things the chicago scene is hurting real badly for a sense of dedication and togetherness, as shown above its real easy to get into beef in chicago.


ok ive stated enough, if you feel like stabbing me i understand because this is chicago.

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i totally agree with you robocop.. there are so many wack northside writers thats you have to look for the better ones... ill paint a chill spot and the next day some kid, probably in the 7th grade trying to paint so he can show his bestfriend goes right over that. its not cool but whats even worse are these kids who start, then stop after they realize they are not as good as other people. ive only been writing for a little over a year and ive gotten a whole lot better but not as good as i want to be. northside graf is there, and theres some good writers snapping but there are too many kids trying to be bigshots with no idea of what the deal is

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granted yes, there are some quality northside writers such as Elotes, Goma, Comie (when he wrote), Fact, Tar, and hmm thats about it. but all these people have put alot of time and effort into what they do. atleast 4-5 years, while most "northside cats" put a year maybe two into the game then just back out, and then later talk about how they used to be chicago writers. in this city to be deemed a writer you need to be very very dedicated and have the proper people too look up to. the reason why im still in this game and have been for 4 years is probably because i had Raven, Zore, and Nyke as mentors, if it werent for them i would probably be doing something else right now, but they showed me dedication and a good attitude towards other writers and i kept doing my thing. but since i've been "doing my thing" shit has happend and now theres 2 northside tag bangers who want to stab me. chicago needs to get out of the thug mentality and into the "lets paint together and make this city known" mentality.


ok i talk too much.

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i can agree with some of the things said about chicago graff...

however, i grew up on the southside and started painting in 92 with soutside cats tms. in 99 i moved to the north syde and mostly just tagged here and there, haven't done as much in the last few years for several personal reasons, one is i'm older now and work and rent keeps me busy, the other is i paint many canvases, etc...etc...etc.......and most of my friends now in there late 20's don't paint or anything anymore.

so since i think i have a rather old perspective and both south and north perspective i must disagree with the comments on the north syde writers. i was about to list a bunch of crews and wrtiers, but don't feel like it, but can if requested by someone. as far as the southsyde, i do see more graff typically, great graff. i also know the northsyde gets buffed hard due to yuppies and people like me moving there. i would say on both sydes of the city little kids try to get up and do wak shit and quit after a year. i would say based on the internet sites i look at that the south syde has more of them. but what do i know. i don't care either way. i love this city bullshit or no bullshit. south or north. get in your car one day and just drive south to north east to west, this place is great and we are lucky we live here.

peace out.. sorry so fucking long but i'm at work and bored as fuck..


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