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A Fire Inside

10 ?'s with Rage/AFI

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Two bored kid's with nothing to do...



No 1 Rage Fan: 1. Where did I put my glasses?

Cru Jones Oner: next to the computer

Cru Jones Oner: ?

No 1 Rage Fan: damn you're good

Cru Jones Oner: haha

No 1 Rage Fan: 2. Did you kill the second turtle?

Cru Jones Oner: there is a possiblility.. a very slight possibility that i may have had something to do with the death of the turtle in question

No 1 Rage Fan: ok, for legal purposes we'll skip that question...

Cru Jones Oner: yeah, my lawyer told me not to say anything about it

No 1 Rage Fan: 3. How long have you been a BMXer? (Did I even say it correctly?)

Cru Jones Oner: yeah, that's fine... um.. since like 5th or 6th grade i guess.. on and off. it's a really long story and i end up mixing parts up... but on and off since then. i wish my bike was still together and i had people to ride with (that live here, and not in long island)

No 1 Rage Fan: 4. Who's your favorite BMXer and why?

Cru Jones Oner: wow, pulling out the big guns now...

Cru Jones Oner: Mat(t) Hoffman rocks just for all that he's done, and he got me into it in the first place... Taj has always been a favorite as well, but everyone knows that Cru Jones is the raddest!

No 1 Rage Fan: lol, right dude. Hoffman is sick. I saw his attempt at a double backflip off a quarter-pips and he landed on his face/neck. SMACK. Shit hurts. anyways this brings me to my next question...

No 1 Rage Fan: 5. When was the last time you wet your bed?

Cru Jones Oner: hahaha.. nice segway..

Cru Jones Oner: the last time i wet my bed, it's been a long time, but if i had to take a guess... let's just say my freshman year of high school

No 1 Rage Fan: hahahaha, sick dude.

Cru Jones Oner: sucks for my little brother that sleeps on the bunk below me

No 1 Rage Fan: 6. Most embarassing moment (not including when you pissed your pants at the freshman pep rally)?

No 1 Rage Fan: bleep

Cru Jones Oner: i guess it also happened freshman year... i was going out with this sophomore girl and there was a carnival in town. everyone was there except for me. anyways i'm in school the next day and i keep hearing all these people talking and laughing and shit behind my back. i get home after school and i'm talking to my girlfriend on the phone and it turns out everyone was laughing cause while i was at home my girlfriend was at the carnival kissing some butch dyke

Cru Jones Oner: i know, i tell bad stories

No 1 Rage Fan: 7. What took you so long

No 1 Rage Fan: ?

Cru Jones Oner: i was trying to word it properly, but obviously that didn't happen

No 1 Rage Fan: lol, that sucks man. People suck. Period.

Cru Jones Oner: yeah, i really hate people, with a passion. then someone comes along and gives me this glimer of hope that brings my spirits up just to be shot down again

Cru Jones Oner: fuck the world.. but keep it posi

No 1 Rage Fan: and this brings me to...

No 1 Rage Fan: 8. Do you like angry music?

Cru Jones Oner: i love angry music... the pure aggression that comes from it is amazing. and the anger that you can release while listening to it is awesome as well. viva la angry music

No 1 Rage Fan: wurd to my turds

No 1 Rage Fan: 9. What do you draw inspiration (for anything) from?

Cru Jones Oner: i get inspired by a lot of things... from heartbreak (which is probably the easiest) to music. some girl standing me up on a saturday night can really inspire me to write a poorly written poem. i also draw inspiration for life from my hatred of people, which inspires me to try and do something that will make people question their beliefs and what they do and how they live. i get it from all over dude

Cru Jones Oner: and i clearly cannot put what i want to say into words

No 1 Rage Fan: sick.

No 1 Rage Fan: i feel the same.

No 1 Rage Fan: 10. Will she ever call back?

Cru Jones Oner: i highly fucking doubt it.. maybe tomorrow, but probably not tonight. i'll probably try calling her again cause i am that much of a fucking loser. pathetic.

No 1 Rage Fan: Bonus: Top 5? (of anything)

Cru Jones Oner: the top 5 bands i'd be listening to right now if i would turn some fuckin music on - 1) Diehard Youth 2) Stay Gold 3) Meallica 4) Meshugga 5) Section 8

No 1 Rage Fan: sahweet.

No 1 Rage Fan: fin.




Cru Jones Oner: 1. what got you into Rage?

No 1 Rage Fan: I saw the video for Freedom when I was in 6th grade and I was hooked ever since.

Cru Jones Oner: 2. did it bother you that they were somewhat of a "pop" band, or were you glad they got to speak to so many people?

No 1 Rage Fan: Shit. I know they BECAME sell-outs, but they had to. In the end they were able to reach millions of people with thier messages through angry music. What other band can say they reached that level?

No 1 Rage Fan: so no, it didn't bother me

Cru Jones Oner: true

Cru Jones Oner: that brings us to #3. do the ladies like the nipple rings?

No 1 Rage Fan: ... yes the ladies like the nipple rings. They all ask "Didn't that hurt." Well duh.

Cru Jones Oner: haha.. 4. do you prefer the ladies to have their nipples peirced as well?

No 1 Rage Fan: oooo mercy. Since I have them, it's nice if the fine ladies do too, but it's not a necessity.

No 1 Rage Fan: lol, there we go

Cru Jones Oner: 5. what keeps you coming back to 12oz?

No 1 Rage Fan: DAMN. Good question! Ummm...eerrrrr.. The people? Uh yea that's it the people. I think.

Cru Jones Oner: 6. any particular people.. or just the general population?

No 1 Rage Fan: The supporters of the Top 5 threads and those who laugh at my jokes. You know who you are.

No 1 Rage Fan: oh and uh Boogie Hands

Cru Jones Oner: haha

Cru Jones Oner: good one

Cru Jones Oner: 7. what will it take to get you to vote next presidential election?

No 1 Rage Fan: That's simple. I'd have to register first.

Cru Jones Oner: 8. if you were married, and you and your spouse had 12" Subway subs for dinner.. and your spouse ate half, and saved the rest for the next day and she died that night... would you eat the 6" she left in the fridge? if not what would you do with it?

No 1 Rage Fan: Holy shit. I got a 10" Turkey BLT last night from a deli. I ate half and saved the rest for today. I just ate it an hour ago. So, I'd have to go with eating the other half. Fucking scary...

Cru Jones Oner: whoa..

Cru Jones Oner: 9. do you remember Coke 2?

No 1 Rage Fan: wasn't it "New Coke" or something like that?

Cru Jones Oner: nah, there was Coke 2.. it was like Jolt, but Coke put it out.

No 1 Rage Fan: ok then, no.

No 1 Rage Fan: lol

Cru Jones Oner: damn, no one does

No 1 Rage Fan: hahaha, sorry bro

Cru Jones Oner: here's a multiple choice question for ya...

No 1 Rage Fan: sweet

Cru Jones Oner: 10. if you were me, would you a) call her again B) listen to music some would call "emo", c) punch a wall d) call her again or e) other

No 1 Rage Fan: LOL, i am laughing my ass off....

No 1 Rage Fan: i'll go with e

Cru Jones Oner: Bonus: what would "e" be?

No 1 Rage Fan: no wait ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Cru Jones Oner: ah... good one

No 1 Rage Fan: I made a funny.

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Originally posted by Dr. Dazzle

Someoen interview me!




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GODESAH: In 5...4...3......

GODESAH: 2...1...

drunktrumpetoner: oooh


GODESAH: First of all, sweetheart, Please introduce yourself to to world

GODESAH: to the*

drunktrumpetoner: baron von linhentresser the third

drunktrumpetoner: at your service

GODESAH: Nice to meet you, ::shakes hands in gangster motion, and sits down and lights a bowl:: cough cough.

drunktrumpetoner: i was unaware there would be controband in this interview

drunktrumpetoner: it could affect my answers

GODESAH: Ok ok, :: puttin it out ::

drunktrumpetoner: no no, toke away....

GODESAH: Alrite, Question Number 1... In a society filled with many bi&homosexuals, have you ever considered getting a sponge bath from a famous football player, just to make the headline news, say around next week thursday? Why or why not, and please, do kiss and tell.

GODESAH: (Just for the record, the football teams are not specified as of yet)

drunktrumpetoner: well troy aikman doesn't play anymore......

GODESAH: Fuck troy, he's a sissy that doesn't deserve to live one more day on his salary

GODESAH: Is that your final answer?

drunktrumpetoner: yeah but he has soft hands

drunktrumpetoner: that's my final answer

GODESAH: Have you touched them, or is this just some chismosa word of mouth bullshit, because please believe i'm not into that Princess Diana paparazi shit


drunktrumpetoner: troy and i had a brief liasson during a period in the 90's

GODESAH: Ouch. touchy subject, Question 2..

drunktrumpetoner: i like to think i helped get his career back on track

GODESAH: Question 2, do you join the 87% of the male population that owns a George Foreman grill?

GODESAH: And in Part B to the question, do you own a deep fryer?

drunktrumpetoner: the trick is to watch the home shopping channel at 4 in the morning

drunktrumpetoner: some people may call you a loser

GODESAH: Do you get special ho down discounts?

GODESAH: Loser? fuck that, this ain't no MTV beck special marathon

drunktrumpetoner: but the wonderful burgers i make for dinner are a true testament to who got the last laugh....

drunktrumpetoner: and yes i get frequent customer discounts

GODESAH: Word up I know how your feeling, kinda loose right. Question number 3.. If you could start any revolution, what kind would it be, and where would you start it

GODESAH: (and think carefully because the gorvernment is monitoring our conversation with special anal probes that hooks up to your eyes and scans in to what your reading

drunktrumpetoner: i'd lead a horde of madmen straight into mcdonalds and demand they stop charging 10 cents for chicken mcnuggets dipping sauce.....

drunktrumpetoner: there's just some shit i won't stand for....

GODESAH: Holy shit....... and the women, can they join this revolution also?

drunktrumpetoner: by all means

GODESAH: 10c for a fucking pack of hot mustard sauce is ludicris..... do you like Algebra (question 4)

drunktrumpetoner: i hate algebra, calculas, any math, and numbers in general

GODESAH: Because sometimes I have this pee with a stench that triggers my brain letting me know I have some sort of kidney infection, and i've done some sexual calculations which got me into mathematics

GODESAH: Yeah fuck algebra, bras, fuck that too

drunktrumpetoner: werd, fuck bras

drunktrumpetoner: that might come after the mcdonalds massacre

GODESAH: If you were a woman (question 5) how big would you want your breasts to be, and what color nipples would you prefer. I myself have a dark brownish color, I think people mistaken them for african american, but oh well.... erykah badu aint got 5 on it anyway

drunktrumpetoner: hmm...

drunktrumpetoner: good question

drunktrumpetoner: i think any size regardless would please me all the same

GODESAH: Oh come on, that is bullshit and we all know it

GODESAH: Stop trying to impress your mom with catholic school boy responses


GODESAH: And fess up to the media

drunktrumpetoner: as long as i could lactate and squirt milk that would be the main thing

GODESAH: What kind of milk, 2%?


drunktrumpetoner: so big enough to get a good squeeze....

drunktrumpetoner: 2 mutherfucking percent all the way

GODESAH: Well cows have fairly little lee-way, yet provide great squirts

drunktrumpetoner: fuck that skim milk bullshit

GODESAH: Yeah I support you on that one, Skim milk is for sissy fags who eat granola bars and own Nordic Tracks


drunktrumpetoner: but thos are also streaky and limp

drunktrumpetoner: i own a nordic track

drunktrumpetoner: well my parents do

GODESAH: Shame on you, we have to edit that response

drunktrumpetoner: ok

drunktrumpetoner: stricken from the record

drunktrumpetoner: and i'd like my nipples to be blue

drunktrumpetoner: just to be different

GODESAH: Question 6: this is a hypothetical situation type question, so bare with me. Say you were at the mall when 10 hot german chicks come up to you, saying how you make their german nipples harden, and they ask you to watch a suitcase for them while the buy some imatation meat at the nearest GNC. Well you wait there for 2 hours and those whores never come back, so you walk back to your 1984 toyota corola, and open the suitcase, and find _______ (finish the sentance)

drunktrumpetoner: the meat that i had bought and put in there as a gag, hoping to see the shocked expression on there face

GODESAH: what the fuck?

drunktrumpetoner: they didn't come back so the joke never happened

GODESAH: No no no, that response is unacceptable

drunktrumpetoner: that was a sad day.....

drunktrumpetoner: what response would be more acceptable?

GODESAH: How do you feel about the following words: Green, Unicorn, Rubber Bands, Watermelon, Vulva & Hairspray

GODESAH: question 7

drunktrumpetoner: do you want my reaction to each seperate word?


drunktrumpetoner: ok

drunktrumpetoner: green - lampshade in a crack house

drunktrumpetoner: unicorn - devil horse

GODESAH: Haha, brilliant masterpiece

drunktrumpetoner: rubber bands - makeshift condom

GODESAH: Explain?

drunktrumpetoner: watermelon - makeshift condom

drunktrumpetoner: vulva - they make beatles don't they?

GODESAH: hahahaha

drunktrumpetoner: hairspray - 80's

GODESAH: Question Number 8: Where do you think the 12oz Journal is, I mean the real O.G. one that we started in December of 01?

drunktrumpetoner: i have no idea all i know is i'm like 40th

drunktrumpetoner: i think tt boy kept for his own personal deeds

GODESAH: Would you give a wild guess>

GODESAH: Personal deeds?

GODESAH: Explain?

GODESAH: in full too

drunktrumpetoner: i heard he shows it around town claiming evrything in it to be his

drunktrumpetoner: it impresse the junior high girls

GODESAH: What race are these junior high girls, i meant like the vast majority of them, and how big are their breasts this time of the year?

drunktrumpetoner: mainly oriental. this time of year the tend to show off their breasts by walking around only in bras

GODESAH: Hey, i'm 1/2 Oriental..... but im not offended, does that mean im a sell out to one half of my people?

drunktrumpetoner: i'm afraid it does

drunktrumpetoner: you have to reprazent

GODESAH: Son of a bitch

GODESAH: Question 9: If you could meet anyone from 12oz, who would and be, and why, and describe your day with them, and how it would be

drunktrumpetoner: ibteaser

drunktrumpetoner: king of 12oz

drunktrumpetoner: we'd mack on hispanic girls at the mall all day

drunktrumpetoner: he could buy me some dope gear too


GODESAH: You think he wears fubu?

drunktrumpetoner: there is absolutely no doubt in my mind he wears fubu

GODESAH: What size do you think his jerseys are?

GODESAH: He's not that big of a dude

drunktrumpetoner: xxxxl

drunktrumpetoner: 5 sizes too big for his body

drunktrumpetoner: much love, though, much love

GODESAH: How much love?

GODESAH: i give him love too, it's got to be tough being king

drunktrumpetoner: enough love to buy him his own fubu 05 football jersey


GODESAH: life is good for him

GODESAH: Okay last question, let me get a beer first

GODESAH: hold up

drunktrumpetoner: it's just because he's down with me

drunktrumpetoner: ok

GODESAH: Okay, Dazzle my nizzle.. for shizzle...... bizzle.....

drunktrumpetoner: yizzo?

GODESAH: Question Tizzen......... How would you feel if one day the world was ran by sexually frustrated nuns who swore off every single technique of masturbation, in hopes of gaining some sort of self respect for a non-discovered higher hinduism..... and If I gave you 10 mil to assasinate those hoes (the nuns) would you? and if so, what would you by me with 7% of the money?

GODESAH: And Bonus question, how do you feel when I call you "babygirl" ?

drunktrumpetoner: i'd discover that the nuns do in fact masturbate themsleves, blowing their entire plot for world domination, ruining their plans for a peaceful afterlife to which they all end up killing themselves anyway

drunktrumpetoner: i'll be fucked if ANYONE can hold out that long....

GODESAH: I've been going for a good 2 weeks now

drunktrumpetoner: and calling me baby girl kinda turns me on....

drunktrumpetoner: i'm running on a bout 2 hours

GODESAH: Want to make out?

drunktrumpetoner: yes.

GODESAH: Fantastic, I have big breasts for sale, Peace out.

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