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Dorc Slautrs Distorted Children

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Guest wintersouls

kid is sick right, he showed me that "die" thing that he did on ms paint, i was like YO!



but serioslly . i told him to get on some scarry shit like

nile or cryptopsy


dying fetus

the foresaken


ok whatever;) ;) ;)

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dorc piece by me


dork piece by me inspired by quasis style...aint quite there yet though...also done with all stocks...


airbrushed chick by me...not perfect at all...but 1st attempt at something that is semi realistic..whatever though...i try


Die bitch by me...Seap by my boy seap...


2 older dorc outlines...

mayb have some new karakters later

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^got bored...so i did this on the comp.^


old sketch of karakter and a "shit" piece


airbrushed canvas 8.5 by 12in. i think


airbrushed canvas 8.5 by 12in. i think..not to sure what i was thikin also when doin it...


"opie" piece i did in ms paint a few days ago...


"opie" piece did yesterday

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you fucking cunt. I didnt say u took my shit. I was sayng that those faces look just like the way i draw em. Im not gonna steal your stupid fucking shit. mine looks more fucked up anyways, and my style evolved cuz my characters dont even look like that anymore.


what was supposed to be me saying that we have similair styles turned into you accusing me of stealing your shit. Well, you are quite the moron.


and besides i wouldnt "jock" your shit. I dont bite, and i only write in black books and on stickers. I have drawn those types of characters in a few books, before i even saw your shite.


i dont like you now.

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