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COOL PEOPLE (volume1)

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-corey haim

-the dude youre gettin a dell kid

-owen wilson

-ben affleck

-lacey chabert

-winona rider

-jim bruer

-will smith

-johnny rebel

-bruce willis

-leroy calhoun

-professor poopatronic



-arnold schwarzenegger

-the no spinzone guy

-hannity (not colmes)


-the lead singer for queens of the stoneage


-dave attell

-luke wilson

-wes anderson

-jake whendayall (the kid in donnie darko)

-singapore (inside joke)

-drunks who are crazy truckers with weapons and violent outrages against minorities

-patrick swazee

-bradd pitt


-conan o brien

-spongebob and mr hildenberg

-dikembe mutumbo

-the guy on the couch (see the 1st guy)

-ebony girls

-anyone who can c-walk but listens to vanhalen

-patrick dempsey

-john cusack

-corey feldman

-emelio estevez

-robert downey jr

-pat duffy (fucso bros)

-tony millionaire

-jack jackson

-the girl at haagen daz

-mc donalds female employees





-the main guy at giant robot

-mark farina

-the dude at thunderbird who hooks up the free hotwings

-bob camp

-mark mothersbaugh

-pat the party jerk

-flo from paris


-james from maryland

-christine from maine



-george washington

-abe lincoln


-that hot girl on that new smallsville show that i never watch





-freddy and terry

-dolph laundren

-chuck norris

-that black girl on boy meets world

-hillary duff (lizzie mcguire)

-miranda on lizzie mcguire)

-vin diesel

-the drummer travis from blink 182

-ben stiller

-louis stevens (on even stevens)

-tim the tool man taylor (i forgot his real name im tired)


-the columbine killers


-carrot top

-that get rich quick guy (you can make miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilions of dollars simply.... DON LAPRE!)

-tony danza


-ralph lauren

-that kid on oceans 11... the one that was on varsity blues

-james banderbeeker or ahwetever

-hot girls


-the olsen twins


-ed mcmahon

-bob barker

-john tesh



-that smooth jazz guy....kenny G

------------>more to come....

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the people on my cool list aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare.........



and i

oh yeah i almost forgot about the bum i took a picture of while he was passed out man that guy was cool.

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Guest willy.wonka

you dont know what cool is.

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Guest --zeSto--

Here's ZESTO's top 5 Cool of ALL~FUCKING~TIME list!





why? Because he did it all! He built Vegas and Made JFK president just to show that he could.




why? If you need to ask... fuck you!




why? He's just the man.. that's why!




why? 'Cause he loves ya baby!




why? Because HE IS BOND



and the first list is full of 'mos (as in HOMO's)

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Guest Canadiano

^^ I concur. All those dudes are mad cool. Even Hemingway. And that first guy listed mopius. He's the one putting up gay porn.

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Guest Pilau Hands

hahaha welcome back dude.


that was a short vacation.

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Guest --zeSto--
Originally posted by Canadiano

All those dudes are mad cool. Even Hemingway.


EVEN Hemmingway?


He's got number 2 for a reason!

Dude hung with Castro, lived in Key West before anyone even knew about that place.

Drank like a fish, partied like there's no tomorrow and then kissed the shotgun goodbye.

AND... he's one hell of a writer.

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Guest Canadiano

alright, alright, I get the picture. Actually, I would have been oblivious to his work if it wasn't for this one time I got locked up at TYAC (youth jail). I had a choice between A Farewell To Arms, or some bullshit American war fiction book. I chose the former, and loved it. In fact, my good friend's father is a professor at UofT, and absolutely loves off Ernest.


Right now I'm reading Farley Mowat - that's another really cool dude.

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Guest --zeSto--

more cool people.... (not like Date Rape's list of idiots...)



Bill Shatner...


You know that this motherfucker is Living Life Large!

Hate all you want... but he's 71 and still sleeps with hot women.



BB King...


The King of the Blues! He still plays over 200 shows a year.

And you know that he was one bad, bad man back in the day.


Michael Douglas...


Have you seen his wife? Yeah... no shit!

And he always gets to play some cocky motherfucker in expensive suits.




still rocking it.


and LUKE


do I even need to say why ?

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