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funny jokes

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rickets walks out of a bar,stumbling back and fourth with a key in his hand.a cop on the beat see's him and aproaches.


"can i help you,sir?",asks the cop.


"yessh, sssomebody shtole my car!" rickets replies.


the cop asks "okay, where was the car the last time you saw it?"


"it was on the end of thish key", rickets replies.


at this point the cop looks down to see that rickets' penis is hanging out of his trousers>


the cop asks rickets ,"hey buddy are you aware that you are exposing yourself??"


rickets looks down sadly and moans,"OHHH GOD....they got julie too!!!"

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a small white guy went into an elevater, when he got in he noticed a huge black dude standing next to him


the black guy looks down at this white guy and said"7foot tall, 350pounds, 20 inch dick, 3pound left ball,three pound right ball,

Turner Brown."


the small guy fainted!!


the huge black dude picks him up slaps in the face to bring him round he aks the white guy "whats wrong?"


the white guy said "excuse me, but what did you say?"

the black giant looks down , repeats "7 foot tall, 20 pounds, 3pound balls,my name is Turner Brown"


the white guy sighs "oh thank god, i thought you said 'turn around"

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