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Mr. Mang

how to ruin your school's lip sync contest . . .

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ANGEL OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I. Factual History


In 1994 Brandon Smith was a senior at North Boone

High School in Boone County, Illinois. On October

14 of that year Brandon participated in a lip

sync/1 contest at North Boone's homecoming school

assembly. Prior to the contest, the school

officials notified all students that anyone wishing

to participate was required to sign up in advance

and obtain prior approval for his or her particular

lip sync routine.


There was an effort in 1994 to increase control

over the homecoming lip sync contest because in the

fall of 1993, several students engaged in lip sync

performances that were determined to be

inappropriate for a school assembly (i.e., repeated

crotch grabbing and other tasteless conduct).

Brandon and several of his friends who participated

in the 1993 lip sync performance were disqualified

from the contest and were verbally admonished by

faculty members at that time.


Undeterred by the disapproval of his conduct in

1993, Brandon and some of his classmates decided to

participate in the 1994 homecoming lip sync

contest--without signing up or obtaining any other

form of prior approval. In order to keep their

surprise performance unknown to the North Boone

administrators and faculty, they concocted a plan.

Another group signed up for the lip sync event

explaining that they would perform a number from

the musical "Grease." While the "Grease" lip sync

was in progress, Brandon and friends, disguised by

face make-up, body paint, and torn clothing would

come from backstage and begin their own lip sync

performance, chasing the other group from the



The plan was carried out and immediately after

taking the stage, Brandon and his friends began

their lip sync rendition of "Angel of Death,"

originally performed by the group "Slayer." In the

performance, Brandon and his group made a mock

attack on a woman and her child. After the woman

was knocked to the ground, Brandon produced a chain

saw which he lifted to his groin area in simulation

of an erect penis. He then approached the woman and

child and pretended to mutilate the woman with the

chain saw while his friends joined in beating her

with their guitars.


Reacting to the performance, teachers attempted

to stop it by closing the stage curtain. Brandon

was not to be constrained, however, and he came

around the partially-closed stage curtain, produced

a live boa constrictor and pretended he was going

to throw the snake into the assembly audience of

students, parents, and faculty.


Prior to Brandon's performance, Barb Fedderson,

the faculty member responsible for the lip sync

contest, was backstage. According to Fedderson,

just seconds before the "Grease" lip sync

performance began she saw Brandon preparing to take

the stage. Because it was only moments before the

lip sync was to begin, Fedderson made eye contact

with Brandon and told him "don't do anything you'll

regret." According to Fedderson she did not see

that Brandon had a chain saw or a snake.


North Boone school principal Karen Severn was

also present at the homecoming assembly. Following

Brandon's stage appearance, she decided to call a

meeting to evaluate Brandon's conduct. The lip sync

contest took place on Friday afternoon, October 14,

and Severn contacted Brandon's mother, Cheryl

Smith, on Monday, October 17, setting a meeting for

the following day, Tuesday, October 18. At the

meeting on October 18, a discussion was held

involving Severn, Fedderson, Mrs. Smith, and

Brandon. A video tape of the lip sync contest was

viewed. Fedderson reaffirmed that only moments

before Brandon took the stage she had told him

"don't do anything you'll regret." Additionally,

Brandon and Mrs. Smith were also given the

opportunity to ask questions and discuss their

version of the incident. At the conclusion of the

meeting, Severn told Mrs. Smith and Brandon that

she was suspending Brandon for three days for his

insubordinate conduct. She determined that Brandon

had violated the established rule that all lip sync

performers must sign up prior to their

participation, and that he had failed to heed Mrs.

Fedderson's warning that he should refrain from

doing anything that would be in violation of school

regulations. Beyond the verbal notice of suspension

and articulation of the basis for the action,

Severn did not, at that time, give Mrs. Smith or

Brandon any written notice that Brandon was being

suspended or that Brandon could appeal his


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Guest greedy mars


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Originally posted by greedy mars



it's about a kid who lip synched to "angel of death" while pretending to kill a lady and her child . . AT A SCHOOL FUNCTION

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3 days? thats pussy shit. i was suspended for the last two weeks of my senior year (including finals) because of my little 'mock rock' lip sync performance.

i was also escourted off the premises from my own commencements by the police, simply out of fear that i 'might' do something.



seeking/school problem causer oner

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

I once went to detention because I made a farty noise with my mouth when the phys. ed. teacher was demonstrating how to do proper squats.


Beat that, negro. Beer,


El Mamerro

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