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critique my ish plz

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critique my ish plz fixed


if anybody would like to comment plz do so

i'm sorta a beginner i get opinions from other local writers but i would like to see what others think




http://genjaro.image.pbase.com/u11/jemanye/medium/2743975.junglenurd.jpg'> http://genjaro.image.pbase.com/u11/jemanye/medium/2743981.nurd01.jpg'>

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too bland for this day and age!

yea i know it's pretty old school style i don't really care for the 3D shit and i like readables

work on your letter forms

trying to like i wrote i'm sorta of restarting in graff so it's all experimental eventually i'll find my style


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from what the infamous six foot killah told me about you he said you definetly have potential......i agree.


personally, though, im not really one for the multi-colored fills thing....like....i know alot of peopld do them, but it's just not my cup of meat..............that doesnt count though really as its personal preference.


good job so far.


mds.vc.ubd.am clique.

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Ok- pick up Subway Art and practice the simple letters As you get better you letters will get looser. Practice with "bars," when sketching. If the top/side of the line goes one way so should the other. The dondi book is a good refrence for the connection of letters and negative space. I would take it easy on the fills until you devolpe more style. Good luck!

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Guest rainydays

uuuuuuuuh....the second sketch is okay the letters arew okay...i think u should work on forming your letters more than worry about adding dimensions....and i dont care for the fill ins......keep it simple...:o

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you are just about there....at the level where someone can say "hey thats nice".


i recommend taking off some of the extra limbs and getting some lighter colors for the fill and use a less distracting and A LESS confusing fill-design.


lookin sharp...just a little more practice and you wil be at the right level.


* "A LESS" = edit

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Originally posted by decu goldyn1

thanks for the advice and input

now as for the last 2 post i would say i like to see the hate too but that was just some asshole type $hit that didn't make any sense

it wasn't even funny :confused:


I dont hate you...I just like to see ninjas hurt people...

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Guest bubble cloud

very good piece


i think your letter form is good.the u is great.dont worry too much about the connections functioning perfectly.some of the best pieces dont make perfect sense.it looks like you did look at subway art and possibly dondi.the way the colors are placed take away from the outline. in my opinion use one color fill or figure out how to inhance the flow with the fill.

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