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SkeTchWaRz 2002


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wassup, my 12oz bruthas-this is just to announce the coming of SkeTchWaRz 2002 in Bonwiggle, Idaho...me & my home-dogs are tired of peepz laughin' at us when we try to get up on the walls, so we'z decided to start our own graff festival! it will be held at Mark's house (cause his mom will be out of town all weekend cuz of his sister's soccer game in chicago) and music will be provided by anticon (charles got the new cd at wal-mart, it was on sale for only $12.00, and his dad let him have the money). Since none of us are old enough to buy paint, and we're too chickenshit to rack, this is going to be a black-book only event. we will provide all the writing tools you need (we've got prang, roseart, and the 128 pack of crayolas) and there will be lots of really cool different-colored paperz like yellow, green, and white, and black (the black paper cuz it looks really cool when you've got those gel pens, and we're gonna take marc's sister's gel pens, cuz she'll be out of town).

anywayz, hope to see you peepz there. in the meantimez, me and the rest of the D.S.K. (Dumb Stylez Kru) will be holdin down Idaho!





































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ticket prices


our tickets are gonna be free, yo, cuz we believe in the non-commercialization of graffiti and the life. did you see that new nike-presto commercial? the dude with the spray can? that's so cool. we're gonna do stuff like that, but not on people's property and stuff.


no i've never heard of company flow. but you gotta peep this ill shitz from these dudez called "dilated peoples"-yo, these homies are off the hook!


hope to see all you guys at SketChWaRz 2002!






ps-will someone come up with a cool name for me & my friend? and then draw it, too. that 3-d style is really cool.

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