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Originally posted by DaDecorators@Nov 8 2004, 06:06 PM

a word from me...I am self proclaimed moderator on this thread cause Im the only dubstar on here.....so stop the bitching about who knows kist better or whatever.


post fliks praise DDs or fuk off!

Just a note to say you arent the only dds member on this site,I know of anuva 1 person....sorry if you feel this is not relivent.

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Originally posted by serious_id@Nov 10 2004, 12:27 PM

havent dds had enoough praise over the last what 10 yrs or so, this whole threads recycled. apart from the legals that they all go on about it not bein about! wheres the new panels i know a select few are doin some every now and then.



u know thate ID...but most of em are on there way out so they need the recycled ish...to keep there name in the graff game

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jo king dont think that just cause you dont see nothing on here that nothing gets done by DDS.


at the end of the day we aint gonna advertise everything that we do cause we dont want other people doing it. carring thinking you know!lol we just keep doing what weve always been doing sure and steady.....time will tell....


we may not smash it everyday but this year has been a good one so far in train terms...oh and as for boming the underground...something most of you dont do( cause it gets buffed too quick)...lol, we got the plots locked and we do things that most of you can only dream about.....sorry but thats the truth cause if you bomed trains there then your tag would be somewhere around the spot.


dont forget when most of us started there was a crackdown and we lasted through that and we will last through this terrorist alet bullshit too!


now kiddies go and do your BR's and backjumps and leave the rest to the big boys!lol

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Originally posted by jo king@Nov 10 2004, 07:04 PM

DaDecorator......i've seen certain fliks of ish that has been done this year..

so what are you saying that the stuff u saw was new but it wasnt up to your standards?


cause before you were saying that DDs hadnt done anything new and had to recycle theyre shit...and we were on the way out.


so which is it to be?

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