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Toronto-> like just above the US

Chicken George

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Re: niggaz need to post mo sheeet


Originally posted by Known Tyrant

People should post more flics, of rare toronto shit. Or flics of like some ill slept on writers, or some ill up and comings...

**by the way i wouldnt mind seeing more of those hardcore old wysper handstyles that i used to see a few years ago. He definately is a pure toronto slept on writer, that in my mind should be braught back. Same with Jense, Sek, and there are many more. I just forgot about them, because nobody gives them credit anymore. Right now toronto seems to be filled with all the same cats with all these crazy aliaces, all in the same crew...


cats "grow up", grow out of it, or just plain burn out or get mad lazy. you definitely won't be seein any new Sec shit, probably ever. same with jense..


as far as aliases go, its fun to switch it up every once and awhile. its also beneficial in the fact that its helps your original letters develop.

plus, if you're doin some serious shit, it may not be too wise to rock your own name. and who knows, it may be that some of these crews have new members..

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Originally posted by <KEY3>

ummm nope.

who did you think I was up there?


me = lazy ass writer who never gets up anymore.




I don't know who this is, but at first glance I thought it said KELO with a sorta suspect K. That and the caption/thread title.


Even if you don't paint much these days the thread still went well with dinner.

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I know this ain’t all of it, but so far, Rony takes the motherfucking cake.


Johnny, from what I heard, Cemz did paint, though under an alias. Check out bombingscience.com for what he did. Not that I really care, but my buddy was telling me this on the phone just now.

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