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Toronto-> like just above the US

Chicken George

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Originally posted by itakedumps

theres many dwels out there i can name atleast 4 just lettin my presence known


i dont give a fuck about toronto.

big up to bacon and the army of retards


if you were just letting your presence be known you would of left your flix up for more than 4 minutes.

dwel itdcrew no fakes


and i like how you edited to throw in the "i don't give a fuck about toronto"...

by the way, bacon is crew with the dwel here.

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there are writers with the same name all over the world, even if you think you have an original name chances are that ya dont.


t.o dwel has been around for a long time and judging from all his shit i see all over this fuckin city he may just be the most active bomber up right now! i also dont think he has much intrest in the global graff scene. peace. :cool:

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Originally posted by j. coltrain

he may just be the most active bomber up right now!


really? I guess it all depends on location.

The most up bomber I see in my zone is wyse hands down.

(yes I know who he is, yes there's probably a wyse in nyc too... whatever)


more flickage!













^those who know, know just how good a spot that one is.

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Guest FearIncarn8
Originally posted by firsttake

trik is a fuckin animal

un crew killing shit in t dot

terf isnt.:lol:


im a fuckin loser i just ride danklords dick like hes the king of toys i dont have a real opinion of my own...

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