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Toronto-> like just above the US

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bump for Render... frig.. whats this guy like 45-50 now or something... he could be me grandpapy... Longevity man holy... i guess no one would suspect the old guy with the walker to be bombing... holy... Respect to my elder for sure!... nice post... let em know...

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The greatest thing about Ren is the gamit he runs, EVERYTHING nothing is safe from that guy NOTHING.Catching old old hollows on autoracks always makes me super pumped.There were peices even out in my neck of the GTA dating back to the late 80's and few that caught the buff in the early 90's.


Big poppa you get my last email about a certian something?

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this is a great history lesson.



but...not to be rude or anything, as this is all very appreciated, but there needs to be some threads on some more old schoolers of Toronto. There's a Recka thread, and now this, but is there any others? People need to realize. I'm sure you've got flicks of some old other shit like Jeep and Kane, and Hope, among others. Do it up, man, do it up! People need to understand the history of style in t.o. and maybe even carry it on, sorta. I would hate to see this city years from now completely detach themselves from the direction in which the style aspect was meant to be heading. That's my opinion, anyway.


Also, you got flicks of anything by any easterners?

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Ren was the first name I recognized in graf. I respected the footwork, and the handfuls of styles. I looked at his black book at an old 416, and the thing was like a graf bible. Outlines, three or four to a page, all different. There were at least one hundred pages, each one full. Needless to say I was going nuts, because as a young writer (pre-internet domination), those encounters were pretty much the only way to learn how to rock pieces. I think it's hard for young writers to figure out that there was a time before mass graff cross-influence, when writers were judged in part by their approch, and it was much more difficult to find out what style was dominant in some other part of the world. Ren's shit was coming from every direction, from the ground up. He seems pretty quiet, but I'm sure these sorts of tributes mean a great deal to him. Definitely a living legend.


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keep coming with the stories and i'll keep comin with the flix... good one ulcer..

and X.. totally feel ya on that. there's a recka thread somewhere on here that someone else started, but thats about it. eventually all the old tcm members wil get a thread.. i can't wait to do the daser and sec threads.


and i pretty much guarantee that ren hasn't seen this thread. he doesn't have a computer, let alone internet access.

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Originally posted by bigpoppa.k

keep coming with the stories and i'll keep comin with the flix...


I bought some calligraphy pens, and the guy was wearing a hoodie with ren outlines on it.

hmmm... ???? I wonder... nah couldn't be.


more flick more flicks !


how about the ren/daser across from the solons truck.

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