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The Freemasons: evil?

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what yall know about the masons? these mother fuckers are evil and secretly control the world. just look at our dollar bill, its all mason shit. jack the ripper was a mason but they covered it up. i think their secretly behind the world trade shit. check out the book "behold a pale horse" it blows their shit wide open.... i'd like to hear more knowledge on themasons if any of you got some

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the freemasons are a secret society, kind of like the skulls from that movie, but a lot bigger. half the founding fathers were masons, and half the senate are today, plus george bush jr. they have strong ties to the kkk and have way too much power and money. check out http://www.tlio.demon.co.uk/masons.htm for some shit, and they have a links site too, and theres a bunch of other mason and anti mason sites. they worship the devil

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Guest Porcheezee


When I first heard about the Freemasons they seemed harmless enough, a likable curiosity. Aprons? Secret handshakes? A bit of childlike escapism for grown-ups? But Stephen Knight and Martin Short's masonic exposés reveal an occult order where standards are falling rapidly. Their investigations reveal a more sinister picture of the world's most extensive secret society.


On an individual level privacy is an essential right, but the characteristics of freemasonry make it inappropriate in many cases. Britain's 700,000 masons, that's about one in thirty adult men, form a secret link between the country's most powerful institutions. Secret masonic links can be used by unscrupulous businessmen and other individuals to compromise the independence and integrity of the media, judiciary, local government, lawyers, MP's, local councillors, royalty, politicians, armed forces, police, civil servants, and intelligence agencies. And, in the 1990's, as economic pressures increase, so does the temptation to abuse the masonic network for private gain. A complete national list of initiates is the very least the public require if masonic assisted corruption in positions of public trust is to be checked out, and ruled out.


Bloodcurdling initiation rites, occultism, secret expressions, closed meetings... and all for what?



these niggas is crazy!!

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Guest Dyptheria

freemasons rule the world. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. their motto is "to be one, ask one"

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Guest --zeSto--

like any secret society...

(info taken from a Mr.Dibs sample)


The average member truly believes that they are doing good,

but the inner circle has such power, that corruption comes naturally.


I seriously doubt that the Masons in my City rule anything more than the local fireworks display.

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Guest Fabo 2

The Freemasons are a lot more powerfull than most people realise. In America, they practicly run the judicial system.

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they might have a good amount of influance....

however the ones you really need to look out for is the Bilderburg Committee now those dude run the whole course of the world and plan every thing to do with our lives years in advance!!

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Guest --zeSto--
Originally posted by grim540

From Hell (the movie was horribile)


did you not see heather graham and that french chick curl up in bed together?

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Guest platapie

they aint go tshit on the stonecutters right hesh? oooooops. mybad;)

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Guest imported_sofarok



im quite mashed but think about this, if we as writers started a society (pretty much like a gigantic crew) and gave preference to our fellow writers when we where in position to we could have shit on lock. Think of the influence writers/ ex writers could have on say the entertainment industry……food for thought, we could have a hand shake and everything

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Guest cover .

mason's are fuckin everywhere.. they even got generic mason's out now...


if u look on the dollar bill... the pyramid with the light flashing out of it is a mason's symbol. in fact, washington DC was laid out so that its streets make that shape, including the light.. i'll give u a hint. the light flashes out at the capitol building, with all the streets coming out like lights.

u don't have to believe me, but go ahead and read any mason's book and u'll probably think the same afterwards.


one time my friend walked into a christian bookstore to buy the mason's handbook because he and his friend were curious, and there was only one copy left. when he was finally foudn the copy, this other guy was looking for the same book. both guys had a staredown contest for the book, but my friend ended up winning and copped it. after my friend purchased it, the guy he stared down came up to him and said, "i don't know what you're doing with our manual, but if u fuck with the mason's u'll experience something hotter than the worst fire in hell."

ok lame story..


read up on this shit.. but don't get scared..

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some famous masons:


Abbott, William "Bud" - Actor (Abbott and Costello)

Abbott, Sir John J.C. - Prime Minister of Canada 1891-92

Abbott, Robert Sengstacke - Founder/publisher "Chicago Defender"

Acuff, Roy - Musician

Aldrin, Edwin E. "Buzz" - Astronaut - Second man to walk on the moon

Allen, Richard - Founder/first bishop AME Church

Allende, Salvador - President of Chile, overthrown in 1970

Armstrong, Louis - Jazz Musician

Arnold, Eddie - Actor

Arnold, General Henry "Hap" - Commander of the Army Air Force

Astor, John Jacob - Fur trader and financier

Atkins, Chet - Musician

Austin, Stephen F. - Father of Texas

Autry, Gene - Actor

Baldwin, Henry - Supreme Court Justice

Balfour, Lloyd - Jewelry

Bartholdi, Frederic A. - Designed the Statue of Liberty

Basie, William "Count" - Orchestra leader/composer

Baylor, Robert E. B. - Founder Baylor University

Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder Boy Scouts of America

Bell, Lawrence - Bell Aircraft Corp.

Bellamy, Rev. Francis - Authored U.S. Pledge of Allegiance

Bennett, Viscount R.B. - Prime Minister of Canada 1930-35

Berlin, Irving - Entertainer

Black, Hugo L. - Supreme Court Justice

Blair, Jr., John - Supreme Court Justice

Blake, James Herbert "Eubie" - Composer/pianist

Blanc, Mel - Cartoonist (Bugs Bunny and others)

Blatchford, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice

Bolivar, Simon - South American freedom fighter

Booth, Rev. William - Founder of the Salvation Army

Borden, Sir Robert L. - Prime Minister of Canada 1911-1920

Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln - Father and Son who carved Mt. Rushmore

Borgnine, Ernest - Actor

Botha, Pik - Former Foreign Minister of South Africa

Bowell, Sir Mackenzie - Prime Minister of Canada 1894-96

Bowie, James - Alamo

Bradley, Omar N. - Military leader

Bradley, Thomas - Former mayor of Los Angeles, California

Brant, Joseph - Chief of the Mohawks 1742 - 1807

Brown, Joe E. - Entertainer

Brundage, Avery - Olympic Committee

Bryan, Richard - U.S. Senator

Buchanan, James - President of the U.S.

Burbank, Luther - Pioneering botanist

Burnett, David G. - 1st President of the Republic of Texas

Burns, Conrad - U.S. Senator

Burns, Robert - The National Poet of Scotland

Burton, Harold H. - Supreme Court Justice

Byrd, Robert - U.S. Senator

Byrd, Admiral Richard E. - Flew over North Pole

Byrnes, James F. - Supreme Court Justice

Cain, Michael - Actor

Calvo, Father Francisco - Catholic Priest who started Freemasonry in Costa Rica 1865

Campbell, Sir Malcolm - Land speed record holder

Carlson, Curtis L. - Entrepreneur

Carnahan, Melvin - Governor of Missouri

Carson, Christopher "Kit" - Frontiersman, scout and explorer

Casanova - Italian Adventurer, writer and entertainer

Catton, John - Supreme Court Justice

Chagall, Marc - Artist

Chrysler, Walter P. - Automotive fame

Churchill, Sir Winston - British Leader

Citroen, Andre - French Engineer and motor car manufacturer

Clark, Roy - Country Western Star

Clark, Thomas C. - Supreme Court Justice

Clark, William - Explorer

Clarke, John H. - Supreme Court Justice

Clemens, Samuel L. - Mark Twain - writer

Cobb, Ty - Baseball Player

Cody, "Buffalo Bill" William - Indian fighter, Wild West Show

Cohan, George M. - Broadway star

Cole, Nat "King" - Great ballad singer

Collodi, Carlo - Writer of Pinocchio

Colt, Samuel - Firearms inventor

Combs, Earle Bryan - Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooper, Gordon - Astronaut

Crockett, David - American Frontiersman and Alamo fame

Cushing, William - Supreme Court Justice

Dempsey, Jack - Sports

DeMille, Cecil B. - Movie director

Desaguliers, John Theophilus - Inventor of the planetarium

Devanter, Willis Van - Supreme Court Justice

Diefenbaker, John G. - Prime Minister of Canada 1957-63

Disney, Walt - Cartoonist/movies

Dole, Robert - U.S. Senator

Doolittle, General James - Famous Army Air Corps Pilot

Douglas, William O. - Supreme Court Justice

Dow, William H. - Dow Chemical Co.

Doyle, Sir Author Conan - Writer - Sherlock Holmes

Drake, Edwin L - American Pioneer of the Oil industry

DuBois, W.E.B. - Educator/scholar

Dunant, Jean Henri - Founder of the Red Cross

Ebbets, Charles - Baseball Owner, Ebbets Field

Edward VII - King of England

Edward VIII - King of England who abdicated the throne in less than 1 year

Ellery, William - 1 of 9 Masonic signers of the Declaration of Independance

Ellington, Duke - Composer, Arranger and Stylist

Ellsworth, Oliver - Supreme Court Justice

Evers, Medger Wiley - Civil rights leader

Ervin Jr, Samual J. - U. S. Senator - headed "Watergate" committee

Faber, Eberhard - Head of the famous Eberhard Faber Pencil Company

Fairbanks, Douglas - Silent film actor

Field, Stephen J. - Supreme Court Justice

Fields, W.C. - Actor

Fisher, Geoffrey - Archbishop of Canterbury 1945 - 1961

Fitch, John - Inventor of the Steamboat

Fleming, Sir Alexander - Discovered Penicillin

Ford, Gerald R. - President of the U.S.

Ford, Henry - Pioneer Automobile Manufacturer

Forten, James - Abolitionist/manufacturer

Fortune, Timothy Thomas - Journalist

Franklin, Benjamin - 1 of 13 Masonic signers of Constitution of the U.S.

Freeman, Orville - Former governor of Minnesota and secretary of U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Gable, Clark - Actor

Garfield, James A. - President of the U.S.

Garibaldi, Giuseppe - Italian freedom fighter

Gatling, Richard J. - Built the "Gatling Gun"

George VI - King of England during W.W. II

Gibbon, Edward - Writer - Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Gilbert, Sir William S. - Was the libretis for "Pirates of Penzance"

Gillette, King C. - Gillette Razor Co.

Glenn, John H. - First American to orbit the earth/U.S. Senator

Godfrey, Arthur - Radio and early televison personality

Goldwater, Barry - Former U.S. Senator

Gompers, Samuel - Founder American Federation of Labor

Grassley, Charles - U.S. Senator

Gray, Harold Lincoln - Creator of "Little Orphan Annie"

Griffeth, David W. - Movie Director

Gris, Juan - Spanish artist- Synthetic Cubism

Grissom, Virgil - Astronaut

Grock - Swiss Circus Clown

Guillotin, Joseph Ignace - Inventor of the "Guillotin"

Hall, Prince - First black American Freemason

Haley, Alex - Author of "Roots"

Hampton, Lionel - Orchestra leader/composer

Hancock, John - 1 of 9 Masonic signers of Declaration of Independance

Handel, George Fredrick - Composer

Handy, William C. - Composer "Father of the Blues"

Harding, Warren G. - President of the U.S.

Hardy, Oliver - Actor - Comedian

Harlan, John M. - Supreme Court Justice

Harvey, Paul - Radio personality

Hatfield, Mark - U.S. Senator

Hawkins, Augustus F. - U.S. Congressman California

Haydn, Franz Joseph F. - Composer and Musician

Hedges, Cornelius - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park

Helms, Jesse - U.S. Senator

Henson, Josiah - Inspired the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Henson, Matthew - Explorer

Hilton, Charles C. - American Hotelier

Hoban, James - Architect for the U.S. White House

Hoe, Richard M. - Invented the rotary press, revolutionizing newspaper printing

Hollings, Ernest - U.S. Senator

Hooks, Benjamin L. - Former Executive Director NAACP

Hoover, Frank - Vacuum cleaner fame

Hoover, J. Edgar - Director of FBI

Hope, Bob - Comedian

Hornsby, Rogers - An original member of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Houdini, Harry - Magician

Houston, Sam - 2nd & 4th President of the Republic of Texas

Humphrey, Hubert H. - Vice President of the U.S.

Irwin, Jim - Astronaut

Ives, Burl - Musician

Jackson, Andrew - President of the U.S.

Jackson, Rev. Jesse - Minister/politician

Jackson, Robert H. - Supreme Court Justice

James, Daniel "Chappie" - General U.S. Air Force

Jenner, Edward - Inventor - Vaccination for Small Pox

Johnson, Andrew - President of the U.S.

Johnson, John A 'Jack' - Heavyweight boxing tiltle holder, 1908-1915

Johnson, John H. - Publisher EBONY and Jet magazines

Johnston, Jr. , J. Bennett - U.S. Senator

Jolson, Al - Acted in the first 'talking picture,' The Jazz Singer

Jones, Anson - 5th President of the Republic of Texas

Jones, John Paul - Naval Commander

Jones, Melvin - One of the founders of the Lions International

Keaton, Buster - Movie pioneer

Kemp, Jack - Former U.S. Congressman/sports hero

Kern, Jerome - Composer

Key, Francis Scott - Wrote U.S. National Anthem

Kipling, Rudyard - Writer

Knox, Henry - Revolutionary War General

Lafayette, Marquis de - Supporter of American Freedom

LaGuardia, Fiorello H. - Diplomat and 3-time New York City Mayor

Lake, Simon - Built first submarine successful in open sea

Lamar, Joseph E. - Supreme Court Justice

Lamar, Mirabeau B. - 3rd President of the Republic of Texas

Land, Frank S. - Founder Order of DeMolay

Lemon, Mark - Founder of Punch, humorous British magazine

Lewis, Meriwether - Explorer

Lincoln, Elmo - First actor to play Tarzan of the Apes (1918)

Lindbergh, Charles - Aviator

Lipton, Sir Thomas - Tea

Livingston, Robert - Co-Negotiator for purchase of Louisiana Territory

Lloyd, Harold C. - Entertainer

Lott, Trent - U.S. Senator

MacArthur, General Douglas - Commander of Armed Forces in Philipines

MacDonald, Sir John A. - Prime Minister of Canada 1867-73 & 1878-91

Marshall, James W. - Discovered Gold at Sutter's Mill California 1848

Marshall, John - Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court 1801 - 1835

Marshall, Thurgood - Supreme Court Justice

Mathews, Stanley - Supreme Court Justice

Mayer, Louis B. - Film producer - formed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Mayo, Dr. William and Charles - Began Mayo Clinic

Mays, Benjamin - Educator/former president Atlanta University

Maytag, Fredrick - Maytag

McKinley, William - President of the U.S.

Menninger, Karl A. - Psychiatrist famous for treating mental illness

Mellon, Andrew - American industrialis, banker and philanthropist

Mesmer, Franz Anton - Practiced Mesmerism which led to Hypnotism

Metcalfe, Ralph H. - Olympic champion

Michelson, Albert Abraham - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882

Miller, Glenn - Musician

Minton, Sherman - Supreme Court Justice

Mix, Tom - U.S. Marshal turned actor - Starred in over 400 western films

Monroe, James - President of the U.S.

Montgolfier, Jacques Etienne - Co-developer of the first practical hot-air balloon

Montgolfier, Joseph Michel - Co-developer of the first practical hot-air balloon

Moody, William H. - Supreme Court Justice

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Composer

Murphy, Audie - Most decorated American Soldier of WWII, Actor

Naismith, James - Inventor of Basketball

Nash, Charles - Automobile industry

Nelson, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice

New, Harry S. - Postmaster General who established Airmail

Newton, Joseph Fort - Christian Minister

Nunn, Sam - U.S. Senator

Olds, Ransom E. - American automobile pioneer

Otis, James - Famous for "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny"

Palmer, Arnold - Golf Pro

Papst, Charles F. - Coined the term "Athletes Foot"

Paterson, William - Supreme Court Justice

Peale, Norman Vincent - Founder of "Guidepost"

Peary, Robert E. - First man to reach the North Pole (1909)

Peay IV, Austin - Governor of Tennessee 1923-27, known as the "Maker of Modern Tennessee"

Penney, James C. - Retailer

Pershing, John Joseph - Decorated American Soldier

Pitney, Mahlon - Supreme Court Justice

Poinsett, Joel R. - U.S. Minister to Mexico who developed the flower: Poinsettia

Polk, James Knox - President of the U.S.

Pound, Roscoe - Former Dean, Harvard Law School

Pryor, Richard - Actor - Comedian

Pullman, George - Built first sleeping car for trains.

Pushkin, Aleksander - Russian Poet

Rangel, Charles B. - U.S. Congressman New York

Randolph, A. Phillip - Founder - first president, International Brotherhood Sleeping Car Porters

Retief, Piet - Afrikaans leader and and one of the founders of the South African nation

Reed, Stanley F. - Supreme Court Justice

Revere, Paul - Famous American

Rhodes, Cecil - "Rhodes Scholarship"

Rickenbacker, Eddie - Great American Army Air Corps "Ace"

Rickey, Branch - Baseball legend

Ringling Brothers - All 7 brothers and their father were Masons.

Robinson, Sugar Ray - American Boxer

Rodgers, Jimmie - Entertainer

Rogers, Roy - American cowboy and screen star

Rogers, Will - Actor

Roosevelt, Franklin D. - President of the U.S.

Roosevelt, Theodore - President of the U.S.

Rush, Benjamin - 1 of 9 Masonic signers of the Declaration of Independance

Rutledge, Wiley B. - Supreme Court Chief Justice

Salten, Felix - Creator of Bambi

Sanders, Harland "Colonel" - Founder Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants

Sarnoff, David - Father of T.V.

Sax, Antoine Joseph - Invented the Saxophone (1846)

Schoonover, George - Founder of "The Builder"

Schirra, Wally - Astronaut

Scott, Sir Walter - Writer

Sellers, Peter - Actor

Sexson, W. Mark - Founder of Rainbow Girls, Masonic historian/author/researcher

Sibelius, Jean - Composer (Finland)

Simpson, Alan - U.S. Senator

Skelton, Red - Entertainer

Smith, John Stafford - Wrote the music that became the U.S. National Anthem.

Sousa, John Philip - Led the U.S. Marine Band from 1880 - 1892

Stanford, Leland - Railroads & Stanford University

Starr, Bart - Football legend

Stassen, Harold - Statesman, sole surviving signer of the United Nations Charter

Stewart, Potter - Supreme Court Justice

Still, Andrew T. - American Physician who devised osteopathy treatment

Stokes, Carl B. - Former mayor, Cleveland, OH

Stokes, Louis - U.S. Congressman Ohio

Stratton, Charles "Tom Thumb" - Entertainer

Swayne, Noah H. - Supreme Court Justice

Swift, Johathan - Wrote Gulliver's Travels

Taft, William Howard - President of the U.S. & Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (only man to ever head these two branches of U.S. govenrment)

Teets, John W. - Chairman and President of Dial Corporation

Tetau, Max - French Doctor who presides over Homoeopathia Universalis

Thomas, Craig - U.S. Senator

Thomas, Dave - Founder of Wendy's Restaurants

Thomas, Lowell - Brought Lawrence of Arabia to public notice

Thompson, Tommy - Governor of Wisconsin

Thurmond, Strom - U.S. Senator

Tillis, Mel - Musician

Tirpitz, Alfred Von - German Naval officer responsible for submarine warfare

Todd, Thomas - Supreme Court Justice

Tolstoi, Leo - Author

Travis, Colonel William B. - Alamo

Trimble, Robert - Supreme Court Justice

Truman, Harry S. - President of the U.S.

Vinson, Frederick M. - Supreme Court Justice

Voltaire - French writer and philosopher

Wadlow, Robert Pershing - Tallest human on record being almost 9 feet tall

Wagner, Honus - Baseball legend

Wallace, George C. - Former Alabama governor and presidential candidate who was nearly assasinated

Wallace, Lewis - Wrote "Ben Hur"

Wallenda, Enrico - Circus legend

Waner, Lloyd - Baseball Hall of Fame member from Pittsburg

Waner, Paul - "Big Paul" Baseball Hall of Fame member from Pittsburg

Warner, Jack - Warner Brothers Fame

Warren, Earl - Supreme Court Justice

Warren, Joseph - Revolutionary War General - "Martyr of Bunker Hill"

Washington, Booker T. - Educator and author

Washington, George - First President of U.S.

Wayne, John - Actor

Webb, Matthew - First man to swim the English Channel (1875)

Wells, H. G. - Author

Whiteman, Paul - "King of Jazz"

Williams, Egbert Austin "Bert" - Actor/ comedian

Williamson, Harry A. - Author/Masonic historian

Woodbury, Levi - Supreme Court Justice

Woods, William B. - Supreme Court Justice

Wyler, William - Director of "Ben Hur"

Wynn, Ed - Actor

Young, Andrew - Former mayor of Atlanta, GA

Zanuck, Darryl F. - Co-founder of 20th Century Productions in 1933

Ziegfeld, Florenz - His Ziegfeld's Follies began in 1907

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its true that most masons are innocent brainwashees, but their network is so large that even if as one mason estimated 5% are corrupt, thats close to 30,000, and that 30,000 are at the top: like supreme court justices, half the fuckin u.s. government, not to mention the world. if they want something done, it's done. a large amount of masons are in the public services, like cops, clerks, judges, and so on. if they want your records, its a couple of strings pulled. if they want to empty your bank accounts cuz of an "error", a couple more strings pulled. if they want you arrested on false charges or plant something on you, a couple of strings. the top dogs or the "supreme council" are very rich and powerful, and through their huge network can get almost anything you can think of done. they also have very weird rituals, and have a fondness for a little guy we like to call LUCIFER.

p.s. From Hell was a tight movie and book. the hughes brothers made that shit, the guys who made menace 2 society and american pimp

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this graet fucking counrty was founded on free mason type shit...goerge washington was a mason,fuckem tho cuzz the anti christ is worse lol:D

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man do i need to to stop smoking so much herb i cant spell for shit hahahah:crazy:

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Guest me IS cool

The first time i realised what freemasons were was when i was at my local public library with my laptop. I was doing some research for some school project when an old lady came up to me and asked if i could go on the internet with my laptop. I said not at the moment and she started to tell me about freemasons.... I was like what the fuck? She gave me a few internet URL's and she began to tell me about who they were and shit. Needless to say she creeped me out but the freemasons theory was intruiging. She tole me that at venice beach there are a shitload of them on the boardwalk.



What a world we live in. :p

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