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lol @ these gay ass taggers talking shit on the internets


anything you cant say as a man in person isnt worth saying over the internet like a bitch


next time you see a gangster, call him, poor, intellectually challenged etc.


just try it.


youll be leaking brains on the sidewalk in no time. Thats when youll realize people take killing just as seriously as you take writing on walls


to each their own.

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yeah cuz it's sooo hard in oregon, right?


you totally know what time it is


yea i do know what time it is,i'v been all through the mid west, lived on the rosebud sioux reservation in sd, hit az,and cali, and just did 5 years in the feds.i know what hard is. there's soldiers and punks from every city and every state.i repp where im from but it aint realy where your from its where your hearts at, so with due respect FUCK YOU!!!!

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tagbangers are my favourite, i love em

i got jumped by some ugly native twice my size with his 'homies' because i guess on the inside they're hypersensitive queer boys who take shit too seriously.


on the plus side that black eye, and cut on my face made cute girls think im baddass.:cool:

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i cant talk shit on tagbangers because i have homies who do it but i think it ruined the game cuz they treat tagging as gang shit and homies die for busting a bomb on a wall but just saying tagbangers changed and fucked up the whole getting up but ayy i tagbanged and shit was cool until my homies died shit wasnt worth it but yea fuck los pinche changos puro chicano

TSD main head ION baby

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why even relate those two words together?


bangers are in a different class themselves, but writers who are bangers get into shit so when ppl from there crew get mistaken as rollin with that gang shit hits the fan.


i don't hate em i don't love em....just don't care for them.


gangs fell off when they strayed from their history....yea i watch gangland lol...wha?....i do.

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the funeral part is so fucking funny. Looney is hilarious!


its funny, where im from, some bombers confuse themselves to be tagbangers.

but alone they aint shit.


imo opinion if you have style and put in work youll get respect. unfortunately around here shitty tags shitty throws and a crew of like minded individuals to "have your back" is what most people opt for.

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