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Mr. Mang

i got a virus. need help ASAP

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so i went to check my mail before school and i think i got a virus. there was no attachment that i saw to download, but it defintiely looks suspicious. if i opened the mail but NOT the attachment does that mean i'm alright?


from: postmaster <postmaster@hotmail.com> with a size of 119k


The following mail can't be sent to dsnuh@altavista.com:


From: etf_856@hotmail.com

To: dsnuh@altavista.com

Subject: . . . click here!

The attachment is the original mail




i never sent a mail to them that i recall, and it definitely would not have been 119k.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

You're probably no infected, but thats not sure.


two things you can do.


1. Send a mail to your self, if you recieve two messages insted of one, you're infected(some viruses work that way/not all though).


2. Go to Mcaffe's site or Norton's download the trial or do the free check thing.



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thanks for all the help tesseract. i'll make sure i go to those virus scan place when i get home.




i didn't open the attachment (but the mail was opened just in hotmail)


i ran my 'e-trust' antivirus program (but i think it may be a pretty cheap program)


i ran my 'evidence eliminator' program to get rid of any cookies and things like that...




i'm just kind of afraid to restart the computer.

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Guest NATO

all this shit is way over my head but cant you get viri (?) from just openeing an email not the attatchment.

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uhmmm not viruses exactly


but people can gain access to information on your computer through code that is embedded into email.





and such, however its usually Outlook Express that is almost always vulnerable to these methods.


a virus is sort of like a "program" itself, so it has to be ran.


one thing you should do if you use Outlook Express, turn off the preview plane.


the preview plane automatically opens up the email and runs whatever code it has. its a good idea to run an anti-virus scanner that scans email as they download, like norton.

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