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stones throw 8-tracks anyone?

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dont know if you guys seen these yet.


The Offer


Choose any 8 tapes for one penny plus shipping and handling. Print and fill out our order form, and return it to Stones Throw Records 8 Track Offer, 2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #504, Los Angeles CA 90039-2520 USA, with a check or money order payable to Stones Throw Records. Supplies are extremely limited and subject to availability. Another funny this is that they aren't even guaranteed to play. If they do play, it's not with Stones Throw music. But they sure look good, and they're very limited. Shipping and handling for 8 selections is $159.00 USD. Residents of Canada and Mexico please add 1¢ (one penny) per selection. This offer is not valid in the state of Wyoming, in Puetro Rico, Guam, or outside the United States of America, with the exception of Canada and Mexico. Residents of Canada and Mexico add 1 ¢ USD (one penny) per tape selection. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. For more information, comments, or questions, please contact info@stonesthrow.com


i found the faq to be quite humorous also.



Q: Are you guys serious?

A: Pretty much.


Q: Do these things actually play?

A: Sometimes. But they don't necessarily play any Stones Throw music. We can't guarantee they'll play at all though. 8-track tapes are pretty damn old. But they look great with Stones Throw covers!


Q: Is'nt the shipping and handling price kind of high?

A: You mean you really expected them for 1¢?


Q: I'm a confused little badger - are these things real or not?

A: Of course they're real - to look at and impress your friends. Although if you want to listen to the music, we'd recommend buying the selections on CD or vinyl at www.sandboxautomatic.com


Q: Is it true what you say about 8-track tapes being the highest quality format for music?

A: Well, my grandpa thinks so, and if I were to disagree with him I'd be disrespecting my elders. Los Angeles studio engineer Gene Grimaldi thinks that Edison cylinder records are the most "accurate" format. We don't have any Stones Throw cylinder records yet.

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Guest platapie

is it legit? cause it seems as tho alot fo those are fake.

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