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ass hairball


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Originally posted by deznatori


This thread made my nite.

By the way is this a guy or a girl.



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It's amazing how unattractive people can become. I'm certainly not handsome, but some of these folks are really pretty scarey. You'd be amazed what a little exercise, a healthy diet, a dermatologist and a dentist can do to fix up some horrible monster-looking person.


I once knew someone who had neurofibramatosis (the Elephant Man disease.) It's a genetic disease. Her parents didn't have it, but they carried the defective genes. She was a young woman, and to save her life from the tumors, the surgeons had to remove the left side of her face and do reconstructive surgery. She had endured over twenty-five surgeries on her face and head. She had only one eye left, and lost the ear on that side to the surgery as well. She was the sweetest girl, and had a love of life that very few people I've ever met could even come close to. The right side of her face was normal, but the left side was more-or-less blank--no eye socket, no eye brow, and a large area of skin grafts. She was very lonely, and wrote beautiful poetry. She was raised in a small town and everybody knew her and all about her problems. She wanted to be able to go to college, and have her own apartment, and to have a job. Those were her dreams.

When you start thinking your life is screwed up, look again, a little harder. We have lives that are a bed of roses, but we never see it, because we're too busy being silly and self-centered. It's true that some people bring shit down upon themselves, but a little compassion can sure make the day a little brighter. It's hard to whine and bitch about how hard life is after knowing a girl like that one. I feel ashamed of myself when I think about her courage.

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