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san antonio writers

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i now am going to add nothing worth reading to this thread , as i usually do , why .........bc i am a modern gangster , tearing up the internet with rhetoric . please dont believe the hype , because for all you know it may be the truth in which case you would be left out in the cold , perhaps with a blanket , perhaps not . is that a risk you are really willing to take .....im not sure , but i do know this . this is what i do know , that snow is cold and if you sleep in a blanket of snow you will freeze to death . unless you are like me and are 83.2790148 % cyborg . in which case your thermal regulation system will kick in and you will not freeze to death . but you will have to re-lubricate your parts in a fortnight , not in a sexual way though . that is for you other types who are into that , but myself i am out of that bc it drains my battery power , and recharging is a bitch . so make surre to turn off your cell phone when you arent using it . but dont neglect to check your voicemail bc there might be some important news that you could potentially miss by not checking . like your favourite stuffed animal might have accidentally been washed and bc of its fraile condition , is now merely a ball of fabric and perhaps a button . then you would be profoundly saddened , but just call my name and i'll be there , like the jackson five . i will be there unless you are a dude in which case i will say sorry about your luck and go eat some taco's . but if you are a hot chick and you need consoling i'll be there to remover your wet clothes and warm up your succulent breasts with my mouth . afterwards you can get the hell out bc then it will be taco time , and i need time to cut some tomatoes and lettuce , but not regular leaf lettuce , but romaine lettuce , bc i have standards which are only met with romaine . also i need to cut the cheese , by that i dont mean fart , but if i were farting at the same time it would add alot of comedic value , farts are always funny , always . even at your parents funeral , which i hope you havent gone to bc that would be tragic , just like if you dropped some of your taco's ingredients and your dog ate them up before you could call the 3 second rule , but my floors are usually clean so in my house its the ten second rule .

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Guest HAL

Chan 0 --> 3rd Rail


I doubt you're gonna get any replies, but I'll move this to the proper location, anyways.

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