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YO YO turn up the contrast on the screen so u can read me,lol


When Im pissed I shake like Krylon

make sure to wipe yah hands fast with Nylon

bust'n in your face is what I do

a simply sketch of my force field can take u out when drunk on booze

my shit stains like cum comming out yah girls mouth

dripping dripping slowly onto your mothers couch

Now ask your self how did u get burned

initally started at the wall then when u said is was your turn




Im a minority yet with I stand for authority

when I make a move nobodies ignoring me

Speak of poltical jusice and making sure it goes accordingly

Manifest a stragedy armed with KNowledge, pen and a pad

when u got a inquizitive no need to ask dad

who De- S-I-R, he seem disturbed/ mad?

MY answer is yes, I got issuse on my chest

And Im not putting them rest

bring about awareness like erctions brought on by breast

powerful words cause distrotfriction

but the media fogs the mind with non fiction

does the media cause u to listen

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extractin' the essence from your forehead with a verbal bliss that's got yah mind distorted spittin' words so rich bill gates couldn't afford 'em...

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no doubt OD


contemperary minds think of key in a disorderly fashion will it takes time to ration.



contemplating to let loose ones inner self yet to redeem it a past life what are we in this big bowl? A grain of rice?

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listen here closely , you'll wanna here this now

im the one thats gonna lead you , in the here and now

so gather up the masses , rally to the crowds

this shit is just starting , something bad is goin down

ppl are dying , womyn and children are crying

while all the while my troops are trying

to break down the barriers , destroy their forces

sowe can ride in on dekoy trojan horses

attack from within , on all different courses

until every mother fucker knows what remorse is

you'll know we were here , by the piles of corpses

and on we will ride , until the end is near

until every soul , falls from the fear

spreading terror like VD , in a room full of queers

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