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If you could meet one writer...

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.... easy......


I have three and reasons.


1. (of corse) Dondi White. He was a nice guy outside of graff and you don't see that often. Plus he didn't call himself a "graffitti artist" he called himself a "subway painter".


2. Twist. The real old school twist. He was a character originator. Lots of biters have tried but you can't come close.


3. DAIM..... i shouldn't have to explain this one.


CAPS..... wanna meat me?

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sew, so when i bite off his styles and people critisize me, i can just say...well sews my friend so its okay, and then they would go cry in the corner...yes im a toy

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Guest railroadjerk

id meet the ones that arent uppity about who theyd want to meet. id want to meet the writers that take in stride what they do, but enjoy the company of others in their field and take what someone is worth more for their talent than their fame.


drunk rant.

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DONDI- cause he is THE king

SEEN- he's not the best, but just really old school and when he painted it was all for love

DAIM- i reckon he is the most innovative writer to ever walk the face of the earth

CAP- (on style wars)i like his alternate views on graff

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none of em. every time i meet a writer who's stuff i like i usually don't click with them. either they're all thugged out or some shit. i don't know. maybe Tie. just cuz i'd hear storys about him bombing with headphones blasting kung-fu tunes, and he killed shit. one of the coolest writers i ever met was crayone. ink was with him. both cool as fuck. i was just a kid. they were doing a legal wall, had mad amounts of paint...and i was a kid in high school, which meant i had easy access to a large supply of markers. anyways traded some paint for some markers. that was cool of them.

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here's a funny story....kinda. one night my room-mate and i were up in our apartment and shy-girl, buck50, sickboy,nickel, maybe some others...were out in our alley.

my room-mate had met one of them somewhere and i just guessed the rest....maybe not all of them were there....but anyways, i started saying shit out the window like...

"does any one of you have a nickel i can borrow, or maybe a buck-50? i'm a very sick-boy and i need to get to the doctor." anyways, they had no idea who the fuck i was or who the fuck lived up there....but it was kinda funny....


sorry if i sketched you guys out at all....just couldn't resist.

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1. dondi, cos he's the greatest writer of all time.

2. o'clock, cos the guy's an animal.

3. kegr, so he can show me how to pull off one-man whole trains.

4. grey, cos he seems like a guy who has his head screwed on, and is not afraid of trying something new.

5. inxs, cos he's probably my favorite writer at the moment.

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writers i'd most like to paint with


:dazed: i would have loved to paint with ayer.of course

but i would rather have been writing with kadism or vfr,those

guys know how to crush!shouts to my dogs kerse and tron-btm,taking frisco

by storm daily,and my cutties days and eat from 3f in seattle,while the west coast rolls along!i'll see you guys in s.f in 6 days,lets destroy!!

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Guest Catch22

either taki183, Seen, Dondi, ESPO or Charlie, Grem, Baba, Wisk, Ash.


or there are probably a couple of writers from back in the day that either punked me or sweated me. I would like to meet them now!






...It's hard to chose just 1 writer to meet.

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Guest --zeSto--

that depends... were there any REALY hot girl writers?


Seriously though...


trains with Zeph

Walls with Futura

Books with Phase2

Bombing with Cap

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Guest mafIAkilla

probably ces because ive always liked his style and because i think that FX is one of the more innovative and dedicated crews around. id like to have met ayer because his style is what started the "westcoast" style. i also wouldve like to have met dondi because he was one of the pioneers of this artform.....

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Guest Dr. Doom

I'm going to go with JASE - BA............Been around forever!

Onorok because I'd like to see first hand the mentality behind that guy!

Would have liked to have met NACE!

Something about HEAT's stuff makes me want to meet him and kick it for a minute! There's other kids with plenty of style that I really like but already met!

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Daim... he's not human, he's what happens when you get so close to chemicals that you should die instantly, but instead this weird mutation happened that grants him supernatural skill and an ability to know what the can is thinking...


The TWISTer...because he's the only human.


Os Gemeos... the only compound human(besides, twins are just hot!)


Lady Pink...for being the huwoman!


Anyone would do!

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