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i just wanted to get an idea of who im talking to on this board??


1. are you guys hard and shit? instigating kids who are always caught up in beef and giving beatdowns?


2. are you guys art nerds?


3. dorks? social outcasts?


4. hip hoppers? sporting mecca, durags, and listening to hip hop


5. drunken skaters, drink and toke up all the time? wear baggy hoodies and shit


6. goths?


7. ravers? ahhaha


8. asian ricer fobs


9. racists white supremesists




11. other...explain



im actually neither of those.....im a little bit of everything....except goth and racists white supremists...i listen to trance sometimes so i geuss im sorta a raver..even though i think raving is gay

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Guest professor poopatronic

god i'm bored...


1. not really but i handle my business


3. big yes

4. hell no

5. yes except for the baggy hoodies (or anything else for that matter)


7. of course not what do you think we're all retarded?

8. no but that would be pretty funny

9. no

10. yes

11. i suck.

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im 25 i drink and go out to clubs to much. art and music control my life. i work a crappy job and do side art jobs for a living. im into hiphop but im not all about the stupid politics of it. i been writin graffiti for 10 years. uh, anything else?

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