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Guest newyuckshity

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Guest JERKER !
Originally posted by joewelcome


woodsaver is one of several great paints that rusto made in the 80's.



stuff isnt discontinued is it cause ive got a store here that has ans ass of it.

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woodsavers were a commercial flop jerker, if you really want to get into it. your retailer is still trying to make some money on his investment. you'll never see a woodsaver that has anything later than a 1987/1988 date on it. yes, that means it's disconn'd. as a matter of fact, they stopped making the sprays very soon after and tried pushing the woodsaver line in gallons. it didn't last. if you STILL need proof, go to their website and check the FAQ.


newyuck.. be at me-i got more.

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all hopes die...


did you roll some rail worker for his top thing.


i could think of some nice daytime activities with a thing like that.


a lot of the stores in my side of melbourne the cans are on little stand shelves next to the counter or behind glass. why risk bullshit like that if your under 18 makes it very hard for me to get a job(i want) once i leave school.

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how could you say that mate?

I dont know if your trying to start some little internet beef or diss me but its called a compliment i thought he had a resonable stock, next time for you Mr sickcunt i'll say "Hey nice stock of paint jolly good effort!"

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Originally posted by nuronETK

no, i wasnt talking about "harbor blue", i was talkin about all the other colors in that picture... i guess you guys assumed that i was talking about that particular color because the picture didnt transfer with the reply... but i havent ever seen or heard of harbor blue anyway, because i use krylon.......

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Guest 5:00 Shadow

damn i musta missed this thread back when... new yuck post your flix again and wonka too. joe knows paint...thats no lie... i may post if i see u all repost......

dirt dog i'm out... i eat paint boogers on the regs.

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