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Guest greedy mars

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you can make a good pizza crust with a medium or small cast iorn skillet and about a few tablespoons of oil, nice and hot, add shaved gold potatoes 1/2 inch thick, press, not too much tho, and cook on both sides till golden. use an extra plate to aid in turning over. add whatever pesto, sauce or toppings you want, and place under the broiler until the cheese gets melty. serves one or two people. great for summer when you can make it with fresh basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, and grated parmesan.

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Guest railroadjerk

if anyone is ever in and around rochester, go to brockport and get a slice at big apple pizza on main street. 75 cents a slice, at least they were 8 years ago! haha.


now thats REAL pizza. thin crust cheese on a paper plate that youd better fold or that thing is falling apart, none of this doughy crap.


now that im in the midwest i have to say my favorite is pepperoni papa johns thin crust, fucking awesome.

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Pizza rules the gastronomic world...absolutely a staple.

None of the chain places do it for me. Local Greek or Italian HOPs are hit or miss, you have to know which ones are the bomb. There are a couple of brick oven type places around, one I don't care for at all, the other two are quite good and one of them is addictive and expensive. But the best pizza I had was in NYC, don't remember the venue.

My topping strategies vary. Customary is the meat + onions combo, or I can fatten it up to a supremo or house special with most everything on it. Then at other times I'll go with extra cheese and nothing else, or if I'm not feeling the meat I go with a strange but tasty non-colorful veggie combo (mushroom, onion, black olive).

One time I got stood up on a Saturday night, and since I was in a foul mood (and no longer concerned about death breath) I got a large pepperoni, onion, garlic and anchovy pizza delivered. Ate the whole thing. It was gross but really good.

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i'm a pizza addict. i'll eat any brand of pizza anytime as long as it's not that gourmet style shit they try to serve at nice restaurants.


* any day of the week i'll eat pizza.

* i take the cheese off and i dont like any other toppings.

* i like to eat it for breakfast.


i'm going to have some right now.

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it has this unbeleivable awsome veggie pizza with ARTACHOKE (sp) HEARTS that kick every pizzas fucking ass in the world.


That, with a lil balsamic (sp?) vinegar.......... and a beer..... thats how i spend my weekends.

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Originally posted by Catch22

What's your favorite pizza place? Especially if you live in L.A. or do you prefer frozen?


What part of LA?

In Monterey Park by East LA College there is a Rio's Pizza. The best pizza in the world. They also have a bigger sit down one in Montebello. They also opened up a take-out only one in Pico Rivera. I suggest, no I order you to try it.

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Guest Fat Rat

hey Pistol if you ever get through La Puente get on Main st. and find Pizza Co.(Double Play Pizza). this stuff is good.Goes for WhenOne if you still in theSGV-OC




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Originally posted by RumPuncher@Sep 27 2005, 04:30 PM



I love a good hawaiian pizza.

You cant cheap out on the ingredients here or the whole thing is ruined.



it was already ruined when you decided to throw pineapple on it



way to acidic to enjoy the tomato and pineapple fight for supremacy and the crust gets way to soggy from the fruit :yuck:

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