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Figured some of you could use the help. You don't have to thank me.





Add any more useful hints for all of our autistic 12ozer's.



Now go get em' tiger!!!

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Guest --zeSto--

11.) If she invites you in, go in and be nice to any people or animals that live there.


That's right Corky... no humping the Dog!

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Asking a Girl what time is it

Provided by: Tesseract



Category: Social Skills


Things needed:


A wristwatch




Step by step directions:


1.) Sit down and write down the sentence. Excuse me, what time is it?

By asking the girl what time is it you give her the chance to say what time is it, That way, if she says doesnt like you, you will at least have achieved your goal, you'll get the answer you wanted to hear.

2.) Find a girl who you like.

3.) Say your line,

4.) If you want, approach her on a different day and ask her again the same question, should be fun

4.) She'll answer and tell you what time it is... 4:15 for example

4.) Then look at your wristwatch, and tell her "Hey mine sais 4:20!" hella weird!!!

4.)Let her catch a breath, and attack

4.) continue like that "So, is your watch correct or mine?"

4.) 'She'll say her its correct' (girls always do that)

4.) Agree (you dont wanna sound like a dick, do you?)

4.) She's now looking you strange...Pretend you're thinking

4.) Go like that, "So, we only have one choice ?!?"

4.) " I have to set my watch five minutes back!"

4.) "But then, 5 minutes of my life would disapear thanx to you!!

4.) "You understand that there's a conflict here..."

4.) " I can only accept this if you're willing to spend the next 5 minutes with me to make it up for my lost time"

+if she agrees, move on to the million dollar line+

5.) after those 5 minutes you spend with her, say:

$$$.) "So if i set my watch 5 hours back and ask you what time it is next time i see you...will you spend five hours with me???":beat:


CONCLUSION: If she likes you, she'll say you're "eccentric" if not she'll say you're Retarted!!! but hey, you already knew that!

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Guest --zeSto--

hahaha :lol:


tesseract !! You know the time!

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nomada, thats a fucking classic tshirt dood.....a+


that site is a joke right?



5.ask a girl if she want a popcorn and coke


6.if she says yes, then kindly explain to her that your not dropping a fucking ridiculous fifteen bucks for a flat coke and stale popcorn without getting your skin flute blown during the show


7.if she says yes, buy it

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Guest --zeSto--

5. Purchase a Jumbo bag of popcorn.

6. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag about 2 inches across.

*becarefull not to spill it*

-then use your imagination-

7. Ask if your date would like some popcorn.

8. Smile while she reaches into the bag.

*becarefull not to spill it* again

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