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The days of Horchata and Paint..part two


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Originally posted by Some1

Its amazing how much style can come out of a copy machine!


i think what this guys getting at is Macs faces look as though people have put they're face on a photocopier and then Macs painted what has printed out...which is what i FIRST thought, and I like that concept anyway...

Your letters are getting tastier silo..

nothin but props for the both of you...

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Originally posted by pimp n panda

nice nice nice... that canvas is ... well, making me speechless... heheheh


good work, y'all.


well glad it went where it did then..:)


augh..about the hating or loving thing..who knows..


I enjoy his letters personally..I think he just has more fun and gets more satisfaction out of realistics or portraits..I know I feel that way myself..I have a better time painting characters..


Ill find some pictures of his peices..they're well done..

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Guest post.

Hey yo... so what happened to that Post that was right next to the Posh, eh? :crazy: hehe, just kidding. I like that little spot.. it was a satisfying relief from the blazing sun. That Fyce is amazing, and siloette you make me want to try so much harder!

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heyyyy! you know its not like that..I dont work like that..its happened to me one too many times..

oh and post..about the trying..shaddup..If I didnt like you id think of you as competition! ..:)


Besides I saw a boxcar of yours the other day that really impressed me..write me and let me know how your trip went..

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Guest post.

Silo, you rock. Check your mail girly..


Oh and did you catch a boxcar of mine? if so that would be really odd... I'm guessing you just saw a flick. Either way, thank you!!





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