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Mr. Mang

dumb photo set

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this was my first attempt to really try to 'stage' some sort of photo shoot (no pun intended). the purpose wasn't to try to show off guns like i was cool. it seemed like a good idea at the time, now i dont know. enjoy - even though these pics are nothing new.







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from another post:


"i went to philly to take pictures today. by the time i got off the speed line it was pretty much too dark to take pictures (especially with no tripod or flash on hand).


after walking around for a while i came upon an old friend of mine. it was a 30 or 40 year old black homeless guy with a fake leg. i saw him a few weeks ago close to city hall on one of the less popular streets. i was out taking pictures and came up to him. he told me he was hungry and seeing his leg i got him some food. after waiting in line for 15 minutes and paying 5 bucks of my money, he didn't want me to take any photos of him. shit.


so i see him on market street on the way home. knowing better, i offer him some money for food in exchange for taking photos of him. he agreed and i began to set up my camera's light meter.


as i was doing so a 30something black man all dressed up in a nice suit walked by. the homeless man asked him if he could spare some money and this guy went off. he said something to the effect of :


"you know what? fuck you! get off your ass and get a job! you're giving black people a bad name! look at you asking a white man for his money after he built this country on the backs of our people!"


i yelled back at him saying something like "HE'S GOT A FAKE LEG! JESUS CHRIST!" but it didn't seem to stop the man from talking shit as he began to walk away.


the homeless man wanted me to hurry up with the pictures. he was worried the guy would come back and eat him up. the man said it happened to him before when he was sitting out in the cold. some guy just came up to him and punched him in the head for no apparent reason.


looking back i wish i would have said more to the man who passed by. you always realize shit to say after the fact."








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Guest platapie

some tiems america makes me mad. but then i remember that america kicks ass.

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Guest Dusty Lipschitz

i saw that dood recently, and his fake leg was twaeked. like the more he kept walking, the further twisted around it was. by the time he crossed the road, it was on backwards.

next time i see him, i will give him dap for you mr. mang

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thank you dusty. he recognizes me on the streets now - and if you give him some cash he'll recognize you too. a few days after i took those pictures i saw him on the street. he was dressed all nicely with his golfer type hat, a green courdoroy jacket, etc. and he STILL wanted money.


him - what's up millionaire?? you like my nice new clothes?


me - yeah. lookin good.


him - yo. let me get 5 dollar for a hoagie and a drink. it'll last me all day.


me - no, i'm literally on my last dollar.


him - aw come on.


me - uh maybe later. bye.



he always wants to shake my hand. i'd probably rather give him dap anyway. no offense but i dont know where that hand has been. he's pretty approachable as long as you're nice and give him a little money. he's just paranoid about getting beat up (see story). let him know you've got his back and he'll be calling you "millionaire" in no time.

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