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boogie hands

the history of the b&o railroad (serously entertaining wether your a railfan or not)

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just got my pictures back from a recent trip to baltomore, during my time up there i stopped by the B&O rail museum. id definatly recommend checking it out, its worth it.....im not really big on railfan stuff but i was running around like a kid in a candy store......it was a blast. heres some flicks i took while i was there, ill do my best to remeber what everything is and list it but if i dont then tough shit......



b&o engine


b&o wooden caboose


one of the first all steel box cars mass produced in the united states, im thinking early 30s on this one


this car was used to carry melted steel by rail....sorry, no date


a car used by the rail company to reach remote parts of the rail that couldnt be accessed by road....im thinking 1930s-40s


a wooden snow plow used during the heavier snows in the north, the plow is slanted all to the right in order to keep snow of the adjacent tracks....


during the transition from the older, smaller cars to a larger scaled car this was used to measure for clearance in tunnels....if the metal structure (to the left) passed through the tunnel then it was suitable for the clearance of the newer, larger cars


a better look at the structure used on the clearance car....


p.s.- sorry for the shitty tint, ive been going with walmart who continues to blow ass


more in a bit.....

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Lovin it I wish all of them were working. I got to see some B&O's running when I was younger. The line was right behind my mom's house and I used to sit there and watch them all the time. Good Times

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b&o engine


i doubt you guys will be able to read it but this is the last caboose built for b&o by chessie systems......i thought it was pretty neat



i completly forgot what this was run off of....the year...everything....i cant even describe this engine....i was in awe


heres a closer shot....the mechanics of this thing completly blew me away....


this is one of the earlier rail cars....im not sure the exact date on this though im thinking 1920s



an early reefer.....1930s-40s



one of the last wood/steel hybrid boxcars.....

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why....so i could be a complete jackass?? this is history dude....you just dont fuck with it......im sure you were joking though


are you doing your part??? im bet not.....tisk tisk



these are the controls to an old coal powered engine, its hard to notice because of the quality but at the botton center (basically where the engineer would stand) there is a hatch to the furnace....you can imagine how hot it got....i was standing in the coal car to take this picture


this is a french gift car used in the united states after the first world war....it was loaded with gifts or food and unloaded at a set destination where the gifts would be handed out....a little bit of p.r. i guess


i found this halarious....very old passenger car


in the cabin of an early steam engine (im pretty sure it was steam engine)

and turning around.....


this is the engine room



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some of the first engine designs used on the rails.....


well...that wraps it up....this is by no means all that is in the museum, just a few things i found intresting. nothing beats standing next to these things or walking up inside them....plus every car and engine has an extensive history lesson with it....by the way i have doubles of all of these so if you see something your intrested in let me know....

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Guest railroadjerk

look at the color of that last chessie caboose...beauty in motion.

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