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Guest -sudz-

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Guest blink_ATX

that reily is really bad thogh


i mean i thought my shit was really bad..dfngbfjklfgklgfkmfgkljdslfjk'gdfgnsd ljghdfjklgh dfkjghdsjkfg hdfk


like that

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Guest -sudz-

3 words blink:



































































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Originally posted by Smart

well, I'm a little disappointed to see that none of them has a peg leg... I like the one on the bottom, because he has rollerskates and a parrot... of course the one top left has a guitar...


yah make one with some guns built in or someshit..or even a tv built in like the tellytubies that would be dope

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haha sudz is fuckin cool....i agree with smart....parrots are cool...BUT wheres the fuckin pegleg ninjas??


and blink seriously...stop hating and shut the fuck up...at least sudz doing something rather than bitch about corperate america and talk trash to half teh forum because we stole your hens....go clean the stables farmboy!

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