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this looks like a boston freight like dudes used there letters or something....i see a mise hand at a glance this looks like circle t doods...... spek...arsen....regs

are you fucking serious you have to be the stupidest person alive to think you see similarites between NSF and circle t.. your probably some dumb ass inbread deer huntin fool that just started lookin at graffiti.. am i right??


oh and iome... you better watch your mouth fool or your gonna end up on my to hit list like the rest of them toys.. im talkin bout dem boys kunt and ngin.. don't think i forgot about you.. its only a matter of time before your grill resembles this dudes -> :D


kaos.. them joints you been postin lookin good mang i haven't been postin my newest and best on here for awhile but when they pop up i think your gone dig them shits..

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