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its great you guys post pics of your work,but it would be EVEN COOLER if y'all just snapped pics of other stuff you see and post that as well.maybe this thread wouldn't be soooo hurting.just a suggestion.its whatever.i feel i have done MY part of participating in posting pics of OUR cites graff.i tried not to be to bias either.it whatever though.....shit sucks,buff sucks....blah blah blah

nice color scheme there saet.executed nicely.

props to nsane for being an up an comer and doing things correctly,and not being on some fake ass shit.

Cash Motherfuckers.

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Paint for fun that's how you get respected....u cats is fronting ain't no future in that...bunch fuckn big egos nowadays anyway...that's how I see it...speak yall peace so I can break it down into pieces...BRH/AH all the time, u niggas is funny to ease the lip!

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