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no wonder this thread is as dead as POSSIBLE. people posting SHIT then another idiot bumps it......ahahahahaha yea yea yeA.BUMP ONE COLORED FILLS AT CHILL SPOTS.....THAT SHITS $$$$$$ ....OH I MEAN MONEYYYYYYYYY...AHAHAHAHA







wow. never seen anybody get so butt hurt over shouting out a color scheme, not even a writer.


you need a hug. :lol:

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why the fuck would you be on here if you are not a writer? and then why would you feel the need to give any input at all. telling a writer his shit looks good when you infact are not a writer is like a homeless guy giving a gay dude fashion advice.

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I hear KAR is back to running his chubby cheeks.Hey dude.....you WERE a blackbook champ.....THATS IT.

ITS OVER FOR YOU BUD.now you think its your part to regulate??? ahahaha, you can kiss my ass.Keep my name out of your mouth.NO one is here in baltimore thinking about you.oh except one kid you put in what you called a "DEAD" crew.No one cares about what you did in a blackbook 15 years ago.YOU started this again by bringing me up to a REAL baltimore king...SHAKEN.go ahead repost the FEW illegal things you did..and ALLLL that legal eagle bullshit.YOU WOULD BE THE KING OF LOADS OF FUN ...IF..IF YOU STILL LIVED IN BALTIMORE..but you don't.GO ahead call me a toy....whatever it is you want to say or post.....but hey dude...we have all heard it ALL FROM YOU ALREADY.




(POST SCRIPT: i aint mad at ya ....i just don't like you :)

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