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nosewax... i think mear just may be that one that stops the shit talking you cant back... i like ya lil man, but you been writing checks your ass can far from cash for years now... it seems you have gotten comphy doing this because noone has ever stepped up because of your age... the shit you talk is stupid and pointless and you are noone to talk any shit at all... someone your age should have buckets full of humble to offer, but you are rather arrogant for no reason at all... i far from hate on you man, in fact i think your cool other than the aimless shit talking, but i think that shits gonna dead itself pretty soon...

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i was gonna leave my 2 cents out.....BUT FUCK IT.beef is beef.beef doesnt know any age.if some one was dissin me and said they wanted to fight,then its on.whether there was a jumping or not ,im not sure.that wouldnt be right if so.PERSONALY i doubt mear wouldnt sign his name if he went over you.HE WAS DISSIN A CONVICTED KILLER.HE HAS BEEN STABBED OVER BEEF AND STILLLLLLL BEEFED.plus i heard he beat up a COUPLE people pretty recently.if anything i would say he IS NOT A COWARD.although i have to say i dont know much about it. IF YALL GONNA BE FIGHTING THOUGH.....RECORD THAT SHIT !! I WANNA WATCH!

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