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its a hollow throw amongst tons of burners, thats why I joked...JOCE is a real graffiti writer, unlike you and he gets much respect...


I was making the joke on you, retard.


And there were a few Kaos pieces in there, so in no way whatsoever was that collection a "ton of burners". Your shitty FX bites negated that immediately.


(If your G.E.D. having ass can't understand what I was saying, I'll dumb it down for you)


I love how one day you come across like " well baltimore writers have always had a mutual respect and regarded one another as equals", like you bought a word of the day calendar and are trying to use words you probably can't even pronounce....then the next day it's "yo this niggaz (with a Z) cant touch this shit son fake ass nig niggaz"


You are a joke.

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