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Vid of a vid, ol skool baby


BODYMORE MURDALAND another life lost yest.  

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i like cope myself i just was asking a question for conversation on the subject to see what yall thought about it good or bad..i said if key word ( if ) he snitchen than dam...that would mean i have not come to any conclusions and dont really care one way or the other...the thing for me was that if this is the case why do they keep brinnging him and playing us out like bmore the stupid city were they will pay 30 for a cope tag?????????????wtf...bmore would have robbed cope took his cans and wrote all over his ass with his own paint...lol omar style...

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its not important and i definately aint worried about either but was just curious why they keep bringing cope i mean i get it he has a name and history and all that but you wouldnt have a mob show and have sammy the bull there signing shit you know what im sayin...i dont know no big deal just a curious question...i like copes shit but if he snitchen than dam....[/quote


i could care less and aint takin nobodys side or stickin up for cope but theres 2 sides to every story and alot of shit people are saying is bullshit,theres alot people involved in that whole saga but i wouldnt take the word of them rich kid writers who got huge graff cases in numerous states and even had Interpol on there ass,im just sayin....


i don't know it's pretty strait forward paperwork.


keep in mind they got caught at the airport, not in the act.


sounds like some snitching on someone's part if you ask me.


rich or not.

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fuck pedx, making money off a culture they are not even a whisper in....bullshit. and to add, its fuckin sad this culture has turned

into kids paying for some writer to sign or do a throw up on a can of paint marketed for graffiti...i mean really no one sees the

irony in this for fuck sake. that is not what this game is about.............


i could have not said it any better....thats why i did not even come thru, not sayn fuck pedex but i feel u.......:cool:

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