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Vid of a vid, ol skool baby


BODYMORE MURDALAND another life lost yest.  

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first off kar you can suck a dick no one in brh talked negative about you infact you where given props but you felt the need to talk negative on here if thats how you really feel pick up a can and make a move see when a punk toy like erge talks shit i could care less what he says on here none of us do but with you comeon man i expect better and no need to seduce newjacks with canvasas i have no problem with telling you who i am. now on to the bullshit why dont you newjacks leave the shaken baal beef alone its been over a year and 90% of yous dont even know what the fuck your talking about you wasint there infact it wasint even with baal at first it was shaken and rome they had the beef infact baal tried 3 times to squash it between them and everyone there knows thats the truth. shaken also started dissing baal first and pubicly challenged him to a war also while shaken got locked up during the battle baal didint touch any of his shit until he was back on the street to defend himself not to mention baal gave shaken props and respect before during and after the battle now if that aint respect then i dont know what is those who know know. and this whole fantasy of all brh going after him is bullshit everyone was told to back down but ofcause some got involved here and there since it was obvious people from ksw started raggin them they just didint leave a tag. and no baal didint go to war with shaken cause he was the most up thats why he went to war with bonk, yes baal said it would be fun to war with shaken cause of his dedication but in the end it was because shaken dissed him first numerous times and the biggest bullshit ive heard was baal tried to stab shaken yes baal pulled out a knife but what these little hardons dont mention is while rome and shaken first went at it baal was pissing around the corner and random ran up to him saying rome is getting in it with some people so baal saw 4 people around rome and ran up to them with a knife once he realized it was shaken he put it away and those who where there know thats what happened. but like i said its over and done with both shook hands and squashed it but you newjacks get wet dreams and have to keep it going now yous who love to gossip know intimate details of what went down just think maybe one day you will be relivent enough to be talked about like them.thats why the internet is one of the worst things to happen to graffiti and speaking of that alot of you make me laugh when i find out who you are i see yous acting tough on here but in person your the opposite.it just makes me laugh but dont worry no gossip girl in me i wount say names i keep it real. much respect to king shaken

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