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Vid of a vid, ol skool baby


BODYMORE MURDALAND another life lost yest.  

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i like arab. at least his first a and his r when he does filled ins. now the second a and the b they are always such a let down.


why didn't he use the same a as the first? and why does his r look retarded.. its just a b with out the bottom bar?


and i am not talking about one specific piece. its all of them. to be fair though, he is quite ill.


keep doing your thing wodie!

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erge sent me a pm wanting to hang out.

notice that i dont care about you and dont HAVE to comment on you to make myself feel stronger in the graff scene. thats what you do for the last so many years you have just been dick riding for no reason. i just do me. and you follow with comments and attitude.when i make a move, then you move. just like that

i dont give a shit about most of you in this graff game or forum. i come to cheek out pix. i dont come on here looking for praise or recognition. it just happens. i can pick apart all the the things i dont like about yalls graff if i wanted to but thats sounds like a bitch move and not "doing me".

angry toy dudes jump out of the wood work when their are salty about their own lives or its too cold to paint. i dont give a fuck what YOUR problem with me is. thats YOUR problem. we have never met. i have seen your graff in person once maybe twice.

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^^^SUPA-kalifragelistic-expee-ala>> DOPE SHIT







that supa flatside and those high panels are the shiiiiiiiiiit....


and bump eli and tune reppin' the orphans in Iceland


on a side note will you guys take a step back and look at what you're arguing about? really?

in a day where the buff is quick and the amount of quality new writers is few and far between (bump my homies for life tho, cedar and dume) it seems that fools should be pulling together instead of arguing on the internet.


some dudes like to paint freights, some of them paint stamps (I should know, I painted the same outline 250 times in 2005) some dudes like to bomb, some of those same dudes dont care how pretty their shit is as long as they're up, some dudes like to paint chill walls....shit some of these mother fuckers only paint load of fun and festivals.....no one in baltimore is really killing all categories.....everybody has their preference....it's like if a pop singer tries to battle an underground rapper....both musicians, completely different genres.....


side note number 2....after being gone for a year I'ma be back in 3 weeks and I hope all the spots aren't ruined yet, although I'm sure a few of them are.....and the dude Eli is up more than anybody in the city. seriously though, you can't go any neighborhood or highway without seeing this guy's tags/rollers/straight letters. killing the streets. literally.

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