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vose. you are a fuckin ass hole an you pretty much wasted your time tonight.i want you to know that what u did was disrespectful in the highest.i let you paint my fuckin legal i specificly told everyone to not paint outside or anything other then the walls inside...your peice u did tonight was rolled and if you ever want to come back inside your ganna have to wash your bullshit off the outside first.....



bump everyone else tonight nice work!




if anyone else wants to get down on this legal contact me...

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i was the one that sead it was cool for dume to invite you all down...look the owner of the venue was pissed to say the least at vose...vose's part in the flik posted is gone...


if vose ever wants to jump on again hes ganna have to buff his hand style.

owner has brick red paint and buff chemicals.


i mean seriusly if i came to your house i wouldnt handstyle your front door...


this is suposed to be a pro graffiti legal.


dont make it into another loads of fun.


the only rule was dont paint on the brick.

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im iome...i run the legal at that club...u wanna jump on hollar at me...and I just got off the phone with the owner and he didn't go over vose's piece its still there but vose is not allowed to return less he buffs his tag outside...


I personally have no beef with vose but the owner was pretty pissed off...

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