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I want to see Daver and Metasin come back...I mean, is there any new shit or am I ignorant????


And was that new sofe dissed??


Also, this question goes out to anybody and everybody (except SPC I guess):


If you wanted to fight some one, you know a fair-one, would you pick a blue-light corner to do it at?? What would you think if the person you're ment to fight would only agree to meet at a blue-light? This despite the mentioning of many more appropriate settings; what would you think?

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That just goes to show you never showed up fairytale.There was no blue light camera's for blocks.Ever heard of a side street?


Do you have nothing better to do with your waste of a life than to stalk me and KAOS?

I guess not since you suck at everything else.


Keep spreading your lies.Its all you have left...................

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Oh and I'll give you something to do besides post pics of things you didn't paint. Look up the term projection, it's a psychological term...it describes your actions nicely.


You need to look up the term loser.It describes you 100 percent.


And you mean posting pics of writers who are actually from Baltimore not posers such as you.



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You're right for once, I am not from Baltimore though you're wrong about the wanna-be part; I never claimed to be from Bmore. Which is lucky for you if you think about it... for me to do that I'd have to spend formative years living there. And I'm sure bumping into you and bumping into you and bumping into you would mold part of my time there.

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