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shit never changes on this page ... i dig ride for doing his own thing and sticking with it ... i like seeing some different shit ... it may look abstract but dont get it twisted rides can control is nice! ..ive even paid for his artwork which hangs in my house .. the guy is way talented and super creative ... to say that sek doesnt even live in baltimore or paint it is just stupid ... the kid has crushed more trains than almost anyone painting baltimore ..i give twine credit for painting a good amount of walls and putting in work ..... though i think they would look better if you rolled em or couldnt see the old pieces under them .. but if your going to put em up on here to show the e-world then expect to have people call you out if your obviously biting someone ...it was quija tnow its revok ..do you .. not someone else ... oh , bump CISE ..ive always liked his style ...

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damn yall orphans be breaking it down fo the rest of us...shitzzzz yall be schoolin a nigga fo realz tho...


yall are some relentless shit talking critics...either is sek or seth or dusk or someone else in that crew...like thus or someone starting a controversy or talking smak on somone...and then when someone like myself or another says something in response theyre talking shit as well...but 9 times out of 10 it starts with one of yall...i guess after several years of it youve become immune to what the consequences are...

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wow ur still talking about this???


the consequences??? which are dudes who dont even paint here or in this case even live in the state of maryland talking shit on me over the computer???? thats a rough thing to deal with...


and in case you missed something,,,,not once on here did i say ONE FUCKING THING about ride or his graffiti, he is the one insisting his "hand will eat me"

i had no problem with this dude,,,,then he goes talking about me, and my letters, and my handstyles...so anyday you want to go somewhere and go hand for hand, throwup for throwup, piece for piece, freight panel for freight panel....get at me dude,,,,i will gladly take you on in all of those categories...


i was stating my opinion about what i considered a blatant style ripoff by Twine, and if you are going to post your graffiti on the internet right after you paint it,,,,,for the entire public to see,,,,then you better be prepared for opinions from the entire public,,,, both good and bad......if you cant take criticism and negative opinions, then what the fuck are you doing posting your shit on 12oz???? its like a fucking magnet for hate....dont act like this is news to anyone on here....


hey Viva Hate....remember that "you love to hate us" car....i would love to see a picture of that pop up...

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big talk for a smelly wannabe street kid go take a bath, faggot and then come back here and post something you've done, otherwise suck a fat cock.


On a side note i think its pathetic you had to make a new name just to post something negative that really shows that you lack any balls whatsoever if you see me in the street or burning your bunk ass shit come say it to my face i am so sick of this shit man i would fuck you up so bad your mom wouldnt recognize you seriously you dont know me you dont know anything.


"and stop bumin people you dont even write with"


Thats the whole point, I burn people I dont fucking respect

instead of bitchin about me burnin you on the internet why dont you


1 Pick up a can of paint

2 get your mom to drive you to a spot

3 paint the spot

4 then come talk to me


dont post on here anymore


:shook: :shook: :shook: :shook:

:shook: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

:shook: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

:shook: :shook: :shook: :shook:

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this rapse is crap sty the fuck off this thread you becomming as pathetic as the monkey kid

and stop bumin people you dont even write with


hahhaa yoo. RAPSE, i wouldn't take offence to anything he has to say. dudes to much of a pussy to even state his name (POSE)... forreal who the fuck are you to call anybody out like that? make a new name on the internet, talk all that shit that people have talked down to you..... thats a straight bitch move...


do your thing raspe...

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