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N to the izz O V to the izz A

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GO out and look for graff you fuckers, stop posting on here trying to get up with computers, especially you faggot HD mutherfuckers, you guys suck, im especially liking your skribble along 95, looks like 5 year old crayon shit. get skill and loose the attitude, dont start beef if you cant finish it, and learn that your nothing compared to other crews around HOA, MOB, MSP, DVS, FAST, AWR, all these crews are better than you and they make fun of you alot, beleive me, we had a huge laugh on the fact that you guys call this cyne guy your LEADER, funny stuff considering he's already got beef with 3 dangerous people, ha, fucking toys, get bent and learn to piece, it all comes with experience guys, i hate you fuckers peace and kill yourselves.

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