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Conversing with Tue Skinny. A must see!!

Guest Agt. Adopus

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Guest Agt. Adopus

OneTueThree: whatever

F*r**l Aesthete: Well

OneTueThree: man just shut up... serious.. i dont have time for this. i get you mixed up with mr. mang

OneTueThree: thats why i sent it

OneTueThree: and did what i did

OneTueThree: i dindnt think youd take it serious and bock me

OneTueThree: why are you showing this shit to otherts

OneTueThree: who gives 2 shits

F*r**l Aesthete: Look. This is the internet, and I have no intention of arguing over it, go find a cause and do something productive... I do not have time for 4th grade pranks, nor should you. I've got a life and I'm very busy, if you would like to talk about something productive, then shoot. But if you want to talk about the weather or moreover spam get lost.

OneTueThree: well like i said im sorry

F*r**l Aesthete: Alright...

OneTueThree: got you mixed up with mr. mang

OneTueThree: well considering you hate me and we i hate the internet

OneTueThree: bye

F*r**l Aesthete: Jilbert does not have time for the shit either

OneTueThree: whatever

OneTueThree: like i said.." IM FUCKING SORRY" LIFE GOES ON

F*r**l Aesthete: Hey man, how old are you anyway

F*r**l Aesthete: I'm just curious

OneTueThree: dude get over it i made a mistake

F*r**l Aesthete: I am over it.

OneTueThree: 16

OneTueThree: why

F*r**l Aesthete: 16?

F*r**l Aesthete: I see

OneTueThree: how old are you// are you a seeking. and are 30

F*r**l Aesthete: I am 13 man.

OneTueThree: no your not

F*r**l Aesthete: I'm not?

OneTueThree: dude a 13 year old with all this save the animal shit?

OneTueThree: are you trying to get me to give my real age by saying your younger?

OneTueThree: im 16

F*r**l Aesthete: And I'm 13

F*r**l Aesthete: What is your point

OneTueThree: nevermind

F*r**l Aesthete: Can I not be 13 and be an activist?.

OneTueThree: whatever dude.. fucking end it already

OneTueThree: dont talk to me if you dont like me

OneTueThree: block me for all i care

OneTueThree: if you wanna be my friend and talk

OneTueThree: well ok

OneTueThree: but ifnot

OneTueThree: bye

F*r**l Aesthete: All I say is age and activism have nothing to do with each other, hence niether do age and graffiti

OneTueThree: ence niether do age and graffiti

OneTueThree: ??

F*r**l Aesthete: ??

OneTueThree: what do you mean by that

OneTueThree: im not smart

OneTueThree: sorry

F*r**l Aesthete: http://www.websters.com

F*r**l Aesthete: There is no way in hell your 16... Are you?

OneTueThree: im 15 going on to 16

OneTueThree: but whatever

OneTueThree: in a few days

F*r**l Aesthete: Ohh

OneTueThree: why

OneTueThree: serious

OneTueThree: fucking block me

F*r**l Aesthete: Because you could not understand 4th grade english

F*r**l Aesthete: Thats all, No biggie

OneTueThree: hense nor graffiti or age?

OneTueThree: i dont get that

OneTueThree: you have no idea who i am

OneTueThree: and where i come from

OneTueThree: sorry if im not a dictionary

OneTueThree: im fucking dumb

OneTueThree: you wanna talk shit

OneTueThree: go ahead

OneTueThree: i will listen

OneTueThree: wait nevermind

OneTueThree: il block you to make it easier becuase seriouis i had enough of this

OneTueThree: bye

F*r**l Aesthete: Ok. Laymans terms:


political activism and age have nothing to do with each other. Nither do graffiti and age

F*r**l Aesthete: Hey man you brought it upon your self.... If you want to act like your nine, go jump infront of a train

OneTueThree: did i by that one insident

OneTueThree: sorry

OneTueThree: get over it i made a mistake

F*r**l Aesthete: Alright dude

OneTueThree: why are you drag this into defys too

OneTueThree: i know your4 sending him this convo

OneTueThree: and he is bothering me...

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Guest greedy mars
Originally posted by m1sT@k3

tuetoyfag: (9:26:07 PM): u

tuegayboy (9:26:11 PM): are

tueskynny: fuckig gay

m1st@ke: see i knew you would be a dick after i sent you that thing


your the fagot.... you are formal aesthete oo? or his boy toy?

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this isnt very amusing, you two are obvious jealous of the fact that tue skinny is cooler than you will ever be, while you sit around watching the old carebear home videos tue skinny is out spitting game at your girl....go ahead and hate me, i handle my beef like a power ranger, surviving the putty patrol and then whooping the big fish looking things ass...please believe it kids




the IB stands for Idolizing Bondage..please believe:cool:

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Guest greedy mars

this all started becuase i spammed him just like i did to the board. although wait hold on it wasnt me it was 2 other people. cool..yeah.. all he did was say. yeah about seven times.. i spammed him i gues.. i also caught him on his off nite.. so he did this ..

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Guest greedy mars

ha old picture you fuck.. looks nothing like me either... have funn if it does. hey arent you the one who posted a picture of seeking and said smile your on camera and smart had to edit it... yeah i remember you showing that to me and hacking shit and getting his aim name

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agt and mistake are dumber than my beavers...i bet when their inbred mother was spoon feeding them mashed pees she must have had a convulsion and accidently shoved the spoon so far up their nostril that the spoon was lodged tightly into their brain and the mashed pees started growing a fungus and took over the fissures and now they are nothing but vegetables that make the kids from the CDSS (canadian down syndrome society) look like fucking chess champion winning, 4.5 oxford bachelors



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Guest greedy mars
Originally posted by d-town_bomber

what the fuck. tue skinny has a fuckin posse. damn man and what the fuck r u doggin him for. he said sorry about 12 times and your still sweatin his nuts on animal activism..........

many will agree

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