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Gnes 37

going retarded

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im losing my speech skills, i start to stutter ,im going illiterate ,i havent used math in a gadzillion years it takes me a year to come up with some brilliant shit, whats next my mack skills?, what could it be? failure to wear a mask? to much graffilthy in the dome? sheeit... bye bye world!.........


dumber than the dumbest


please do not pay attetion to this.:rolleyes:


punk rock kid-yo gnes im gonna take your ass out foo

gnes-"oh yeah what are you gonna do? battle smattle me?

punk rock kid-fuck yeah ill take you down, you may beat me at a battle but ill beat you at a smattle"

gnes-do you know what the fuck is a smattle?

punk rock kid-no......

gnes-well its a dick sucking contest

punk rock kid-uh.......

gnes-"your a fucking smattler

punk rock kid-walks away

gnes cracks open a canof beer and starts drink it.....



please do not ever ever pay attention to this.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


wishy washy 4 element girl walks up...

wishy washy 4 element girl-yo gnes my main nigga tell me you be hella up!

gnes-up ?where the fuck do i get up?

wishy washy 4 element girl-graffiti ya know mad props i dig all the 4 elements yo!

gnes-what the hell does that gotta do with with getting up

wishy washy 4 element girl-you know graffiti is one of the four element

gnes=so if i dont listen to hip hop and i write on shit that isnt mines does that not make it graffiti?

wishy washy 4 element girl-well you wouldnt be as real

gnes- wouldnt be as real you just gave me props for being *hella* up

wishy washy 4 element girl walks away...

gnes drinks several more beer


didnt i say to not ever ever pay attention to this.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


espn skate boarder wearing skate gear head to toe walks up

espn skate boardersup

gnes-not much you skate?

espn skate boarder-yeah man i got the latest world industry deck its bad ass!, do you skate?

gnes-i used to then the city started building skate parks every where now every one and their mother skates and wears skate shit from head to toe and think theyre dope, but in fact theyre a bunch of posers

espn skate boarder-you talking shit?

espn skate boarder gets in my face

gnes-yeah what kinda tricks you do?

espn skate boarder-well i can jump over trashcans and flip the board several times

gnes-oh i see what kinda jump is that, you know whats a nollie kickflip is?

espn skate boarder-nah im not that good, all i do mostly is big jumps, my cousin is sponsored

gnes-sorry i dont talk to posers

gnes drinks a few more beer

and approaches a fine looking girl


you shouldve stopped reading allready shit!!.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


gnes-hey whats you name

fine girl-my name is ashley

gnes-wanna get naked

ashley=sure and you wanna draw all over me and post me on the internet

gnes-if you want...

ashley grabs gnes's hand to the nearest empty room of the house and......




so the moral of this story is...

espn skateboarding posers are smattlers,

serious 4 element kids are smattlers,

beer is good and so are girls,

only skateboard and do graffiti cuz its fun not because its the in thing to do..

and you wasted your time reading this entire fucking thing,,, smattler!







:eek: :eek: im such a nerd...

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Guest willy.wonka

i gota go over there....i have been kickin back with wanna-b ghetto rich kids that dont go to good parties and when they do,i always bump into & and nazi...then these wanna-b ghetto rich kids make me look stupid...still no chicks.

just fine little 16 17 year olds at my work place.and a mess load comin in to buy bikkinis.ooooohwee!somebody buy me a big belt buckle!

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Guest willy.wonka



lovely story.

i like the 4elements girl.you up dog.yeah kid!ya know?!


my friend has this story where some girl says,"i cant believe im actually meeting you."[jockers]why cant i ever bump into one?

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parties are played out i think attending funerals ar the next great thing "harold and maude"

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what are "4 element fags"?


is that like graffiti/emcee/dj/b-boy things? thats what im sensin here

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