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POPPIES 3 SUCK!(Concert Reveiw)

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Well I went to a concert today, on my birthday. It was for free and I had never heard much from any of the bands playing(Save coal chamber and drowning pool.) so I went. It was decent, met some of my friends friends who know me from pictures in said friends room. Anyway, I went into the place and got down in front. and we waited through some good music for the first band. It was a local band. Poppies 3. Now when they came out..my immediate Instinct was that they were an Emo band. Now, I don't mind emo bands, however they looked like a stereotypical emo band. And they played well, but sung horribly. At first they sounded abit emo and pop punky...then the bassist sung a song...that sound like he wanted to be James Hetfeild. Then they went into a progession that sounded like R.E.M. Basically they sounded like the bastard lovechild of Micheal Stipe, James Hetfeild, an Emo Band, and a Indy Rock band. They Sucked. Bottom Line.

40 Below summer was next. And they fucking rocked. Bottom line. They fucking got the place into it. Pitting, destruction, Violence. Most thigns that make a good metal show. Decent band, Good performance. Good Shit. I caught a few bows..but was doing fine.

During the intermission the jagermeister people were throwing out random objects to fans. I turned to see what this one guy caught. When I turned around WHAM! PLastic shotglass to the face. I was annoyed about that. But then Came Ill Nino.

Ill Nino fucking rocked aswell, making the place feel like a metal show. Beyond that they had a great show. My only concern is the fact that one of their guitarists continued to spin and do Outside Crescent Kicks while playing. And thats all he did. They did cover of "Eye for an Eye" by Soulfly. Good stuff.

During the intermission I moved back alittle bit to make sure my shoe was tied. Eventually I lost sight of my cousin who was up on the rail. THen it happened. Coal Chamber came out.

Things got nuts from then on. The place turned to hell. Elbows, Headbutts, and violence in general. I was enjoying myself until about 4 songs in everyones crowd surfing. So I'm like "Yo, Help me get up." the 2 guys helped me get up...I dove forward..started turning to land on my back. And no one caught me. I landed hard on my side and Elbow. I immediately popped up and hobbled out of the pit.

At this point I took a piss and then went to get a bottle of water from the concession. I look over and see the guy from 40 Below Summer signing stuff. So I get my water and head on over to see whats up. He kinda got cuaght up with the older people around, and I noticed a kid who had a poster that wasn't getting signed. So I tapped the guy and he signed it. I did my good deed. And I looked at him and said "Hey, could you sign my birthday card since its all I got." and hes like "Sure man." and proceeded to write his name(and whats funny is..I can read handstyles...but I can't decipher his chicken scratch for shit.) and then "40 Below Summer, Happy Fucking Birthday 2002". Cool shit.

Drowning pool was next so me and my cousing bailed. Fuck Drowning Pool. We got our free samplers at the door and left. Good stuff. Finally got a CD with "Careful with that Mic" by Clutch on it. Makes it ever better. Well that was my night. It was fun...but it hurt like a bitch. If anyone wants, later I scan the card with the signature and the liike. Anyway, no school tommarow, so PEACE!

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