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Guest blink_ATX


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Guest blink_ATX

ghettomafied i'll ride

betta roll back deep or hide

it's to hard you scaring them

take it back a step to spin

the record i wreck it

cd now ejected

make the powers elected

same recycled minds

like rasing and lowering blinds

exact opposites

together making hits

my flow is about what i know

not what you want to hear

this is my weakness i fear

but this is poetry from inside of me

long time await the true MC

its more than an industry

not about time just pure rime

so bring it from beneath

rise up with the heat

.357 desert eagle

label hollow tips Evil

another life

more strife


watch my blood boil

a slight corrosion

now watch the final implosion

fallen before graces of destruction

now fall out of this construction

20 something here today gone tomorrow

78 dead and gone with nothing to show

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Guest Sinner
Originally posted by blink_ATX



Yes, yes you do. No further comment.

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Guest whoami

How does shit become gay? does it find other male vitamin feces attractive?

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