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LOL! OMG! and all the other lame ass internet lingo.%!#


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Is anyone else sick of this bullshit. Lately this shit has been really pissing me off. LOL OMG G2G WUZ^!? FUCK FUCK YOU YOU! People also seem to think that spelling words wrong is 'kewl'. Some kids actually talk like this, "Hey wuz^, nmh(nothing much here) u?" THE U PISSES ME OFF THE MOST!! I mean, how much longer would it take to write YOU!? From now on anyone who talks in such a way, SUCKS AT LIFE!! ..........I have never been so mad over something so fucking stupid. well, lol, ig2g ttyl!

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Guest willy.wonka

i used to be against this hellish machine


i remember when AOL was really popular and girls that were off the internet would tell each other "brb" while they're driving off in thier car...i started luaghin my ass off and called them stupid..i think i made'em feel stupid too...

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Originally posted by VANDALISTIKO

i feel your pain, but i g2g, there is a funny show and im rotflmao and the 'rents are gonna come so ill ttyl..lol...hehehe, eat shit and fucking die fucking shit slang fucking shit fuck.yea, i also hate the fucking hehe's and haha's.....you cant fucking laugh on a computer fuckers.



you are my new best friend.

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if your ever talking to a fob, heres a dicktionary of their unique little language


DeRe- There

YoOh- you

MoFo- mother fucker

AP- Azn pride

DiNk- think

DoOh- do

GoT RyCe?- they are obviously hungry and asking for some handouts

DeNnO- i dont kno


H4lL3l11j4Hx0rZ!!! 5pr1ngx0r br34kx0rz r0x0rz j0r b0x0rz!-hallelujah spring break rocks ur boxers woot (taken from my friend AzNxWeApOnR3)

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Twisiting Words is Superb


spelling words abstract is dope. i know how to spell, i just dig words being twisted like graf names. this isnt english class...this is the internet streets. kids dont come on here to feel as if they're under supervision of the english police. deal with it.

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