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NIGHT-OWLS: word has it we've got Boogiehands

Guest willy.wonka

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Anyone want Oolong stickers?

Shoot me PM thing on here with your name/address.

nightowls/non-nightowls it's all good.

nightowls just get more.

anyways send it to me by 12 noon PST tomorrow.

Gotta hit the PO after work.

After that it could be a while before I get motivated again.

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Re: NIGHT-OWLS: word has it we've got Boogiehands




ya girl on the right looks like a yam



thats a dude, B!



I watched my roomate beat the fuck out of his boy in my yard while smokers laughed...



it sounded like smacking a pound of cold cuts on a salt lick

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fuck im sick. chillin' on a friday night listening to some quese imc and looking at skulls and aztec shit getting ideas for tattoos.

it feels weird not working this weekend. not worrying about getting up at 3:30

i think i need another vacation.

i feel like driving to yosemite solo and spending a week out there by myself just relaxing trying to unlock the meaning of life, not worrying about money, family bullshit, work bullshit.

but i have a feeling if i go im gonna miss the wife and worry about that family bullshit.

maybe i gotta catch up on that zen flesh, zen bones book 2 feet away from me.


its a trip how much effort it takes to make your mind focus on nothingness.

its like weve all been programmed to multi-task and were constantly thinking about work, school, etc.


side note might go to the ghetto mansion peel here party tomarrow.

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