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What is this world coming too? Me and my boy had to go to a clinic to get drug tested and while I was in taking a piss he was outside doing a freestyle piece with his finger on an old dusty ford bronco. Next thing you know, he's in jail for a night for disrupting the peace. Wow, never thought something like this would happen!!!! Beware of you surroundings, some asshole who can't clean his car might want you in jail!!!!!!

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Originally posted by railroadjerk

a night in jail is a little rough, but come on. a "freestyle dust piece?" thats stretching this whole graffiti thing pretty thin, dont you think?

When you got nothing to do,you got nothin to do. Don't tell me you never did a dust tag.
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Guest me IS cool

fuck i do those all the time but they ususally sayn something like "wash me fuck face" or "This just scratched you paint, enjoy!" But a night in jail is harsh... I got a night in jail for bombing a spot.

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things to write in people's cars back windows:



(written backwards) "if you can read this, you are stupid"

"my owner doesn't love me"

"this is spray-on dirt"

(written backwards) "watch the road dumbass"

"i stole this car"

"my friend went to your neighborhood and all i got was this shitty car"

"i can't afford bumper stickers"

"will pick up hitchhikers for blowjobs"

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