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COP CAR THROUGH UP!! does anybody have pics?


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I remember after the BBoy summit in venice turned into a riot there were some fucked up cop cars all mobbed the fuck up sick.If anyone has a flick Id love to see that, I mean it was all over the news cuz the media had a reason to bitch about hip hop and graffitti and those horrible horrible black brown and yellow hoodlums

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little toy


Some stupid toy back where i used to live thought he could brag about getting his name up on a cop car and instantly be recognized as a king or whatever. anyways, his gay ass got caught and fined 15 grand. that was a short graff career eh? like 3 months. Personally, cop car tags are just a way to show off your ego, and i'm not willing to go to jail for writing my name on a car with a magnum just to prove i'm "down".

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Guest eessee

if u got KaZaa then you can look one up under diffrent graff related things because i found a flic with some kid in Toledo who did a quick throwie on a cop car at the station and it was like in 30 secs but it was tight .....:D

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