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Anyone else had the priviledge of finding out how fucked up the criminal justice system is here in the states? I just started my probation sentance- I know it could be worse but so far every step of the way there has been some jerk-neck motherfucker who feels the need to go out of his way to make sure I know how much of a fuck up he thinks that I am. Not that I care what those kind of people think of me (I'd just as soon rather they not know me at all) but I definately can't resort to my old 'pop em' in the nose' method of dignity-defense.

Point and case: I met my probation officer today. I've never been on probation before and I'm told it helps to establish a good repoire with the officer because they're gonna be the ones to try to get you in trouble for a looong time. I make the mistake of showing up a day early (my fucking bad) and everything goes downhill from there. I am as cooperative as possible- answer every question as honestly as necessary. I tell the midget mexi-mullet rocking dike I am a financially independant full time student without a car and she proceeds to bust my balls for the entire 2 hour interview. When it comes time to schedule my next meeting she asks me: "Which would you rather miss, school or work?" It took every ounce of self control to keep my ass planted in my seat opposite her desk and not jacking her troll ass up against a wall and offering her the choice of "lose some teeth or break your nose." I've gone through the system quietly. I paid for a lawyer. I've agreed to take the fucked up deal offered to me by the prosecuting attourney. If I didn't have so many obligations to the free-world I would've sat my happy ass in jail for a couple of weeks and been done with this bullshit. Instead I opted for the State to turn me into an angry starightedged punk for so many months. I don't want to say I've learned my lesson- I am who I am- but this bullshit class B has cost me well over $2000 and aside from the reciepts- all I have to show for my legal troubles is a couple of very large permanent scars from when my valient arresting officer kicked my ass.

I've talked with other people from other countries, or those who have been locked up in other countries and they tell me that our legal system is genuinely sadistic and simply does not allow for the idea that simple people make simple mistakes. I probably sound like a moaning pussy for all of this but I could care less. I think I've paid enough dues recently to say my piece on an anonymous internet forum.

To every single cop who reads this forum, and especially this thread: I no longer regard any one of you the same as I do any other human being in the world. There is a seed of absolutely prejudiced hatred planted deep within the very soul of my being just for you. Anytime you want to walk down the street a condemn me or anyone else not up to the standards you are paid to uphold, you should know that we loathe you just the same. :mad:

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FUCK COPS...when i was 13 a cop pointed his gun to my head lookin for some guy around my block, just cuz i got the same skin tone, he didnt even have a pic of the guy, he just knew he had some melanin in his skin, i hate fucking cops, i dated a cops daughter and fucked her meanly and took pics of her, posted em up in post offices right next to the wanted flyers, fuck cops, i hate em, the system is a piece of shit too, if you got cash your innocent, if you dont your guilty and punished to a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

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like NWA said fuck the police....i cant stand cops they base there arrests on the color of your skin and the cash in your wallet the dirty rotten pig fuckin bastards if you dont have all the money in the world to buy there sorry asses off you most definatly will get sent to a federal pound me in the ass prison.

:dazed: :dazed: :dazed: :dazed: :dazed:
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there goes retire!ment


cops are funny. some of them are just assholes, while others could give a fuck. many of the younger cops are pretty cool. okay, now i'm going crazy, i said pretty cool. i meant, they only bust your balls if they have to. now, cops in power like probabtion officers are total pricks. they deal with dickheads all day and regard you the same, just as we regard all cops as egotistical fuckfaces, right? well, cops are cops. we break laws, they arrest us and take our money. just menas we got to make more money.

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i had a cops gun pointed at my head because they thought i broke into my own houses...anyways from my friends recent experiances with cops i have concluded


1. they are complete ASSHOLES....they made fun of him while he was in the cop car...saying that he was a homosexual and asking him if he wanted a father figure in his homo relationtionships


2. they are LAZY...they might know you didnt do a crime, but since their lazy asses cant catch anyone else they wil try and pin it on you


3. they are bitches...some of the old old cops are cool, they arent filled with this corruption and other bullshit...but those new jack cops seriously think they are the shit...

cop-"i am the aw, respect me".

..uhh how about you suck my dick for a donut piggy?

cop- "IS THAT WEED I SMELL, you under arrest"

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